Finely tuned processes optimized over thousands of digital campaigns, our methodology is the stuff that makes us successful. It’s our secret sauce, except it’s not a secret at all. We’ll tell you all about it if you like.

The Kool Source Methodology is a proven process which uses data and statistics to scientifically optimize web businesses. It’s a robust set of systems which we’ve tested, tweaked, and improved in order to squeeze out every last bit of value from our clients’ marketing campaigns. We learn from every single campaign and continue to adapt and improve our algorithms accordingly.


Our methodology relies on a few key processes: testing, analyzing, optimizing. Then repeating, again and again and again. It works every time because we never stop, even if unsuccessful at first.

Clients often ask us for the secret sauce behind our methodology but the truth is there are no secrets. There are no game-changing best-practices or hidden buttons. We basically follow many of the same best-practices that are available to everyone else. We’re not aware of any hidden buttons, secret tricks, or “exciting-new-revolutionary-bid-management-systems”. Our methodology is underpinned by hard work. It calls for intelligent strategy, rigorous testing, constant optimizing, and a fine balance between technological and human input.

We are the missing pice to your Internet Marketing puzzle!