Hire an expert, not a manager!

 Paid Search 

Millions of metrics, bundles of data, endless possibilities for experimenting… PPC is the ultimate arena of mathematical marketing… it’s not hard to see why we love it so much at The Kool Source.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the core of any successful online business. No other marketing channel allows for such tight control and measurement of what you spend and what you get in return.

Sound simple? Fortunately it’s not, otherwise it wouldn’t be so much fun. Google’s Quality Score algorithm adds a layer of complexity to simply picking relevant keywords and pairing them with adverts. Google’s algorithm discounts the most relevant keyword-ad pairing for any given auction. When you add millions of keywords, in different geographical locations, at different times of day, with changing competitiveness, and a hundred other factors… things start to get complicated. We often see advertisers wasting thousands of marketing dollars on irrelevant keywords and ads.


At The Kool Source we understand the holy grail of Quality Score.  We’ve spent years building and optimizing millions of PPC campaigns, and learning from every campaign to improve The Kool Source Methodology. It’s a robust process which works every time.

There’s no magic involved in The Kool Source Methodology . There are no hidden buttons, secret tricks, or “exciting-new-revolutionary-bid-management-systems”. Our methodology is underpinned by very hard work. It calls for intelligent strategy, rigorous testing, constant optimizing, and a fine balance between technological and human input. And fun. That’s how to run a good campaign.  And the difference between a good and bad campaign translates into double-digit percentage profit increases for our clients.