Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your question isn’t answered in our FAQ below, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at (404) 953-5665 or via email.

What is the process of building a website? How does it all work?

Answer: For a comprehensive step-by-step explanation, please visit our Project Process page to learn about the eight simple we take with our clients in completing a successful website.

Why doesn’t The Kool Source have pre-set prices for websites?

Answer: Every website The Kool Source creates is unique. Some websites are 100+ pages with ecommerce functionality while others may consist of five pages that only contain a little text and a few photos. Because of this, each website is bid out based upon various factors such as number of pages, type of copy needed, applications involved, etc. Learn more on our pricing page.

Does The Kool Source offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

Answer: Yes! The Kool Source offers a 15% discount to non-profits.

Who writes the copy/text for each of the pages on the website?

Answer: Usually, the client is responsible for writing the copy/text for their website. However, The Kool Source will place your supplied copy on the website for you. We ask that the client supply the copy in Word format. If you are interested in having a professional copywriter do this work for you (highly recommended), contact us and we can provide the service at an additional charge.

How is payment arranged when I sign up for a website with The Kool Source?

Answer: When you are ready to sign up with The Kool Source, a 50% down payment is required along with the signed proposal. The remaining 50% is due just before the website goes live or within 45-60 days of when website work begins (whichever comes first). The Kool Source accepts payments via PayPal.

How long does it take for my project to get finished?

Answer: It varies from project to project. Some projects are finished within a couple of days. Other projects take several months. Factors include the size/complexity of the project, speed of client communication and speed of delivered goods (copy, photos, etc.). On average, most projects are completed somewhere between one to three weeks.

Can The Kool Source maintain my site if I ever need edits? At what rate?

Answer: Yes, The Kool Source is committed to working with clients after the website is made live. We understand that updates are inevitable for your website and we make it a priority to help you keep your website fresh and updated. The Kool Source charges $60/hour for website maintenance ($50/hour for non-profits). Maintenance contracts are also available for clients that needed monthly updates. They start at $120/month for up to three hours of website maintenance (comes out to three hours for the price of two). If your website will need monthly updates, a maintenance contract would be a better option for you. If your website updates are spread out and are not needed on a monthly basis, the bill-by-the-hour option would be a wiser choice.

Can The Kool Source host my website? How much does it cost?

Answer: Yes, The Kool Source offers several web hosting plans. Business hosting plans start at $14.95/month and ecommerce website hosting plans start at $29.95/month. This price includes complete support and administration of your website (including email setup, help and website statistics). When your web design firm and web host are the same entity, website updates are much smoother and more cost-effective. Learn more about our web hosting services on our Web & Email Hosting page.

Who owns the website design files once my website is live?

Answer: You do! After the website is live and the project is completed, you will own your website design files, text and graphics.