How To Use Persuasion To Engage Customers

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Online, customer engagement is the act, and art, of connecting with your customers and building a community. It’s a powerful way to strengthen and build a business. Your community can become lifelong customers, provide you with a vast source of information, and help strengthen your brand.

Online, customer engagement can take time and a bit of work. Generally, it takes time to engage customers and build an audience. However, you can work more quickly toward your goal when you utilize persuasion techniques.

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What Is Persuasion and How Does It Work Online?

Persuasion is the act of motivating someone to take some sort of action. Online you might want to persuade someone to share a post, subscribe to your email, comment on your blog or click through and make a purchase. When discussing customer engagement, much of your persuasion strategy may be focused on social media, blogs, and email since these tools allow you to have a conversation with one or many potential customers.

Social Media Engagement

Social media sites are an exceptional way to engage customers. The audience is vast and the connection can be immediate.

For example, you might share a funny quote or image that relates to your audience and your niche. Engagement is about creating interaction and conversation. Humor often connects people; it incites folks to share their own experiences, and the images and stories are often shared.

You don’t have to rely on humor alone, though. Personal experiences and valuable information can also be shared to engage customers. So how do you embrace persuasion into your social media posts? Often it’s in the language you use. Ask people to share and comment.

Use emotional words. I was so embarrassed, I will almost always motivate someone to stop and read. It’s an emotion we can all relate to and it may motivate others to share their embarrassing moments too. Assuming you can align the post with your niche, you’re creating conversations and connections with customers.

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Email Engagement

Email is one of an online marketers most valuable tools. It’s an instant and personal connection. Again, you can persuade and engage by sharing valuable information, personal stories, and experiences with your readers. Connect with your audience on a personal level and engage them in a conversation. Ask questions; give them a means to answer. For example, direct them to a blog post on a similar topic, and respond to comments quickly.

You can also engage customers on your blog and in your articles. Engagement doesn’t necessarily mean a direct conversation. When a customer or prospect shares your article on social media, that’s a form of engagement. A simple request can persuade them to share your content online or like it on Facebook. And then of course, reach out and thank them for the share and connection.

Persuasion is a powerful tool to use when engaging customers and building your audience. Get personal and use emotional words to persuade. Use powerful and active language. And ask for interaction. Often the best way to persuade someone is to simply ask.

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