Are you looking to jump out of the pack, serve your customers in new ways and attract new business?

What is Mobile Marketing?

The goal of mobile marketing is to inspire the consumer to act. As the number of
mobile smart phone users continues to grow, reaching the brand’s target consumer
will increasingly depend on the brand’s ability to interact with their consumers
through mobile devices.

How Mobile Marketing Works

SMS messaging campaigns (also called “text message campaigns“) work on the basis of a mobile phone user being directed to send a distinct text-message keyword to a predefined 5-digit, 6-digit, or 10-digit number known as the short/long code. Once the mobile marketing text message campaign is initiated on the mobile device, the user will receive a reply text message and may be directed to a mobile website for more information or an opt-in form.

Increase Brand Performance

  • Increase response rates to your mobile marketing / advertising campaign.
  • Position your brand as a leader with mobile marketing.
  • Enhance brand loyalty by building an opt-in community.
  • Keep in constant contact with your brand followers.
  • Drive attendance to special events and locations.
  • Quantify marketing results through the tracking of
    downloads, page visits and opt-ins.
  • Effective Budget mobile marketing maximizes the number
    of impressions your brand makes.
  • Focused demographic, heavy representation by a highly
    desirable audience 18 – 36 year-old demographic.
  • Geo-target your campaign and effectively
    reach your target consumers while they’re are on the go.

Mobile Marketing Services

  • SMS Text Message Campaigns
  • QR Codes
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Mobile Contests
  • Mobile Voting + Polls
  • Mobile Fan Clubs
  • Fundraising
  • Mobile Real Estate Listings
  • Text-to-Email campaigns

“This year, an estimated 3 trillion text messages will be sent and delivered globally.”

The Mobile Consumer is the market you want, need and should be targeting in order to outpace your competition. To meet the needs of this powerful and growing segment, your marketing plan needs a Mobile component. At The Kool Source, we strive to create original content best suited for many mobile devices and applications. Request A Quote Today!