6 Benefits of Using Digital Marketing

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Is your business in desperate need of a marketing boost? The next big thing is digital marketing. Utilizing digital marketing strategies to advertise your business has many advantages for today’s small business owners.

Most businesses need to vary their marketing strategies from time to time. When something isn’t working or producing results you envisioned, it’s time to add a new component.

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Digital Marketing
Digital marketing involves marketing through electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles, and digital billboards. Advertising on mobile devices via text messaging, utilizing email marketing with your mailing list, blogging, product placement in video games, and using social media outlets to build your brand are all components of digital marketing strategies. It’s varied and each method can lead to a measure of success that you didn’t have before.

Even offline businesses are realizing that digital marketing is the way to go if they want to compete. Customers are looking for more, and they want the companies and brands that they patronize to make the effort to meet their needs.

There are benefits to adding Digital Marketing to your marketing mix. Here are a few:

  1. Quantifiable metrics: With more traditional forms of advertising, you won’t find out how well your marketing campaign did without a bit of effort. For one, sales on the backend will eventually show if the product is doing well. Test marketing by sending samples to the public or mailing surveys also provide information, but each takes a considerable amount of time.
    With digital methods, code can be embedded in banner ads, links and messages to track CTR (click-through rates) and conversions in real time so that your feedback is more immediate. You can also customize what information you gather.
  2. Low cost: Investing in a digital marketing campaign costs pennies compared to more traditional methods. Creating YouTube videos or audio podcasts requires some software but that usually pays for itself in page views and links to your website.
  3. Immediate: Want to send a message to a lot of people and let them receive it simultaneously? Send an email or an SMS message. It’s more reliable than using a billboard, and the audience is targeted to your niche. It would be as if everyone who passed your billboard was interested in your product.
  4. Personalized to your audience: There are ways to send each message with an individualized greeting that makes it seem like each of your clients or target audience members are being directly engaged by you. The personal touch goes a long way to making the sale.
  5. Reaching a wider audience: Social media outlets allow you to engage a larger group of people. Those interested in your page on say, Facebook, can all check in and find out what you are up to and hear the latest news in one place.
  6. Targeted Traffic: mediums such as PPC & SEO offer targeted, high-quality traffic to your site, leading to a high conversion of browsers into buyers. You show up in searches when a potential customer is looking for your product or service.

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If you’re trying to drive traffic to your brick & mortar or to website give digital marketing a try. You can’t beat the ROI, and there is no better way to reach a large amount of potential customers immediately.

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