To engage people in the busy online marketplace, a professional, well-designed website is a necessary starting point.

Atlanta Website Design

For a business to have a successful online presence it needs to have a well designed and engaging website. With web technology changing at a rapid pace, a static website isn’t enough anymore to be visible to search engines. What you need is a regularly updated website that engages people so that they will either be motivated to share your content or return in the future. Using our expertise in web design, online marketing, web analytics, search engine optimization, and graphic design, we can give you the competitive edge that your business needs.

A website that tells your story… Vividly.

We listen, and then develop the right images and the best way to arrange them so your customers have no doubt about your company’s benefits for them. If you can get results by throwing some text and graphics on a page, you don’t need us. If you know your results depend on consistently great design, get started with The Kool Source.

A website that moves your customers…

Great looking design can bring your website to life, keeping viewers interested and focused on your message, moving visitors to become your customers.

A website where you’re in control…

When you need to make changes to your products, services or prices, you shouldn’t have to call a web design company (unless you want to) to make those updates to your site. At The Kool Source, we build websites that let you make changes when you want, without needing technical help.

A website-building process that’s easy and efficient…

At The Kool Source, we know you have a business to run. You want to get a great website up and running without spending all your time dealing with all the details involved. The Kool Source’s consulting processes are engineered to identify your key ideas and quickly translate them into design and website options, help you decide the best choices, and complete your site promptly. We also save you time and money by integrating Internet Marketing features while developing your site.

And money left in your budget…

We keep our overheads low and our processes efficient. We know when a new, professional photo is needed and when an almost-free stock shot is even better. Our designers are as fast as they are innovative. You get the savings.

You can try other approaches, but call us if your company’s website requires a top-rated web design and web development company with a streamlined process and reasonable price.