Social Media Management

Developing a presence on social media networks is becoming a necessity for businesses. Social media provides an excellent platform for communication and to listen to what your customers are saying about your business. Social media is also becoming an important way to increase your ranking on search engines and drive large amounts of quality traffic to your website.

At The Kool Source we’ve seen social media marketing become a powerful promotional tool for the majority of our clientele. If taken seriously and managed properly, social media marketing can provide your business the following advantages:

Increased exposure: Think about it: By starting an account on a social media site, you can expose your business to networks that you would not otherwise have access to. Social media marketing brings a virtual “world” of consumers closer to you; and while you may have doubts that this will result in increased profits, the proof is in the pudding. Data points to higher conversion rates (the process of a website user/social media “friend” becoming a business’ paying customer) when social media marketing is used to generate leads.

Brand shaping: Sure, your website is a powerful tool for shaping your brand; but often, it’s not enough. In today’s crowded market, you need social media to reach out to your audience and let them know a little more about who you are as a brand – on a consistent, routine basis. This could mean sharing nuggets of industry info, or it could mean filling them in on aspects of your business that can benefit them as customers: promotions, sales, and other new developments.

Credibility: Like it or not, social media marketing is practically mandatory for companies who want to lend themselves credibility with today’s tech-savvy consumers. Even if your audience is not a particularly youthful demographic, it’s important to embrace – not resist – this powerful marketing tool. Why? Because studies show that Facebook is often more popular with the 30 and over crowd; and, it’s safe to conclude that Twitter may not be far behind.

Don’t have the time to invest in social media marketing? You’re not alone. Many busy entrepreneurs have trouble juggling their day-to-day operations, employees, and customers; for them, marketing their businesses online is low on the priority list. Fortunately, The Kool Source is a reputable marketing firm that can handle your social media marketing.

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