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Our Responsive Web Design Service

Our service combine modern design techniques with usability, information architecture, search engine optimization and analytics to engage your audience and drive results.

We create inspiring mobile responsive website designs that are built for ease of use, streamlined functionality and driving conversions. All of our responsive website designs are tested and reviewed through our interactive design tool in both desktop and mobile environments, giving you more control of the design process and a full understanding of the user experience. As one of the nation’s leading responsive web design firms, we design websites that shape the digital landscape and leave lasting impressions.


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Our UI design services are focused on producing the best possible website for our clients.

As a result, we highly recommend utilizing this service. Hyper-personalized customer experiences improve customer satisfaction, engagement, usability, retention, and loyalty. They also reduce bounce rate and increase cross-selling, upselling, and sales overall.

Before, any design work begins, we start by learning what your users need in order to accomplish certain tasks and what your business needs in order to generate or save money. At the conclusion of our design process, we package up all our UX assets and deliver them to the development team to begin building your website.


A significant SEO factor for Google is the speed at which your website downloads.

In effect, slower websites are penalized with lower page rankings. Therefore, it is crucial that your website downloads data as quickly as possible to all kinds of devices—large and small. Your website doesn’t necessarily need to be really slow to earn the dissatisfaction of potential customers. The slow load speed can affect the rendering of some vital elements of the page, negatively affecting user experience – a factor that affects an entire website’s overall performance data.

After learning what you can gain or lose, you may be wondering where to being in improving your website’s load time.

page speed optimization

Managing a website is a lot of work as you can imagine, that entire process requires a decent amount of knowledge and time to make even the most basic edits to your site.

One of the most important parts of small business website management is monitoring your server for potential crashes and then knowing where and how to fix it. Most businesses overlook this aspect of website management, but the first time your website crashes and you have to spend an hour or more trying to get it back up, you’ll quickly realize the benefits of having someone manage your site for you.

In addition to using a great hosting provider, and updating your website regularly, you’ll also want your website management team to actively secure your website and monitor for security issues. This will allow them to identify issues quickly and address them promptly.


Our design and development of your website will have it built for any device.

Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or desktop, your clients will have no problem viewing your website. With so many people moving to mobile and off their desktops, your site needs to be able to adapt to smaller screens and resolutions. Having a responsive web design not only makes it easier for clients to see your work, but it can actually improve your SEO rankings and makes it easier to manage than having several sites for many different sizes. It’s perfect for anyone on the go!

responsive design


Enjoy a full complement of our website development services at The Kool Source. We offer a variety of packages that will cater to your business needs, whether you’re a small business, an eCommerce business, or need a custom design on your website. Each service includes features that will drive people to your website so you can get VISIBLE, FOUND, and PAID.

Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency

Small Business

Let our small business website development team build you a site that is optimized for peak performance and search engines
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Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency

eCommerce Website

Create a smooth experience for your customers on any device with our web development services.

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custom web design

Custom Web Design

Whether you’re looking to upgrade, rebuild, or start from the ground up on your current website, we can help you get where you are going.
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We know you’re looking to be seen and be visible to your clients. The Kool Source will help you accomplish those goals with a clean, elegant look to accompany a smooth site experience.
People are moving more toward mobile viewing and you should too. The Kool Source can help you get there with an easy-to-navigate home page and the options your customers are looking for on the site.
When you’re looking to make a great first impression let The Kool Source be the one to help you. Landing pages can make or break your site so let us be the ones to generate the page views you want.

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5star Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I have had a great experience with using The Kool Source and highly recommend them. They work with you and help optimize what your company needs to set yourself apart from your competition!
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Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
I currently use The Kool Source for all of my assets and highly recommend them. Great assets for any business looking to getting more leads.
– Louis Alandete

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