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The Kool Source creates strategically-smart and highly targeted Digital Marketing
campaigns that drive prospects to your organization and increases your ROI.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Initial Analysis:

When kicking off an SEO campaign, we start by diving deep into your company, website, industry, and competitive landscape.

Smart Website Auditing:

Sometimes a small technical issue can result in poor user experience, hold back your rankings, and even get your site under a Google penalty. We’ll run a 360-degree audit to identify your website’s weak spots and fix them before they grow into an SEO problem. 

Comprehensive Keyword Research & Content Optimization:

This activity includes researching keyword that your competitors rank for, digging for new keywords opportunities, as well as filtering and analysis. In the end, we’ll come up with the most powerful list of keywords to further optimize your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Laser Targeted:

Our team will work with you to select the most relevant keywords to target based on the services you provide. We will also be focusing on the areas where your best customers are located and push your most profitable services to them.

Comp Research:

We will research your biggest competitors to give you an idea of what they’re spending and what keywords they are bidding on.


We optimize all of your PPC campaigns using ad extensions, a variety of ad copy, dayparting, and negative keywords to ensure we are getting the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC) possible.

Creative Marketing

Most successful brands have a distinctive image, voice, and style. Your creative should reflect your brand’s personality. We will strategize with you to discover which creative marketing concepts execute your business goals.

Authentic Imagery:

Creating creative marketing concepts in order for your business to be seen.
High-quality videos and images that your audience can relate too. Authentic images are about capturing a candid moment, something that seems truthful.
Campaigns need to be authentic and genuine.

Emotional Marketing:

Even without words, emotions are evident. How a buyer feels about the brand is the ultimate deciding factor when purchasing a product. Create an emotional connection deems trustworthy and dependable.


Allows your audience to experience your story, the action, the motivators, and the emotions. Your story becomes real and you become more relatable to your audiences.

Website Creation, Display Ads, Content Writer, Design, Landing Page, Animated Ads, Video Creation

Social Media Marketing

Research content that has high engagement with your audience and schedule regular posts.

Through our optimization and tracking, we improve your audience and reach to maximize your engagement.

We monitor reviews, feedback, brand mentions, and chatter to amplify your social presence.

Social Media Management

We create, publish, and analyze content you post on social media platforms
like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Incorporate social media into your marketing strategy will allow you
to align your marketing initiative with user behavior.

Through proper management, your company can build its brand
and even generate leads and sales.

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