Dos & Dont’s When Working With A Marketing Agency

Working with a marketing agency can be a great step in taking your business to the next level. For this article, let’s say you have already found the perfect agency for your business. To get the most out of your new partnership, it is important to give your agency all the tools they will need to give you the best marketing solutions possible. Let’s discuss the best and worst practices when it comes to working with a marketing agency. 

Do: Communicate Your Goals Clearly

There are many different marketing strategies for a variety of marketing goals. Giving the agency a clear measurable goal allows them to develop a strategy tailored specifically to your goals. For example, say you want to increase your business’s brand awareness in a 6-month period. Instead of just saying “we want to increase brand awareness”, give a clear measurable goal such as “we would like to increase our brand awareness by 15% in a 6-month period”. This will allow the agency to advise exactly what strategy and budget will be necessary to achieve this goal.

Don’t: Give Broad Un-Measurable Goals

This is a common mistake that many businesses make when working with a marketing agency. Broad goals make it difficult for marketing agencies to zero in on an effective strategy for your business. A common broad goal agencies often hear is “we want to sell more products”. While this is the ultimate goal for all businesses, it can leave an agency lost on what exactly needs to happen to increase conversions. If you do not know how to find the best measurable goal for your business at the time, ask the agency to conduct an audit to find where you are losing conversions. For example, if you are having trouble closing sales an audit might find that your website is poorly optimized for checkouts. This will allow the agency to recommend updating your website which could then lead to more conversions.  

Do: Give Any & All Available Marketing Assets To The Agency

While many agencies are great at filling in content where needed, having original photos, logos, reviews, etc provided is essential to creating on-brand marketing materials. It is best practice to ask your agency during onboarding what materials they will need to best execute the marketing strategy. This way if there are missing pieces, you and your agency can develop a plan to fill in the missing pieces from the beginning. 

Don’t: Expect The Agency To Develop All Creative With No Direction

Giving no creative direction can add unnecessary work that leads to delays in achieving your marketing goals. When an agency is developing creative materials for a business, the agency will need some direction from the business to keep everything on-brand. Having no direction will lead to many creative drafts being made and rejected by the business. Many agencies charge for creative work on an hourly basis, so every draft created without input from the business ultimately wastes money for the business, not the agency. 

With that being said, if your business is at the stage where branding is not yet developed do not worry. Most marketing agencies offer branding services that help your business find its brand identity through developing logos, brand tone, colors, etc. If the agency you are working with does not offer those services and your business does not have its branding solidified, it is essential to get branding worked out before continuing your marketing campaigns.

Jarrod Nieves


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