How to Write a Great Brand Story that Connects

The main aim of developing a brand story is to wholeheartedly connect with your target audience. The brand story seeks to outline the initiative of your brand. 

Writing a great brand story means building brand loyalty and engaging new customers. Here are some tips to consider as you seek to create a solid brand story:  

Identify Your Audience:

The very first step to building a brand story is to understand who it is intended for, this is referred to as your target audience. Getting to know your target audience will guarantee a great brand story that connects with them. Therefore this means that the consideration of their interests, values, and needs should be critically assessed to develop a story that immediately resonates with them.


It’s important to highlight and personally connect with the inspiration behind your brand story. Your purpose includes the mission and your desired achievements. In establishing your purpose for your brand have you thought about what will set your brand apart from others in the market? These are all critical components to pinpoint as you develop your brand story. 


Only make claims about your brand that represents the true face of it, false claims cause you to risk the credibility you offer to your clients. Make being truthful and original a priority throughout your entire branding process. 

Get Personal: 

People are able to emotionally connect with a brand when the experiences are a bit personal as it demands a sense of relatability. Don’t be ashamed to share some of the difficulties faced and how you triumphed to establish your brand.  

To the Point: 

Ensure that the terms used to explain your brand are clear and precise. This limits misconceptions and makes your brand story more relatable. Therefore be sure to eliminate the use of jargon that is even specific to your industry if it’s not understandable by your target audience. 

Interact through Visuals: 

The use of photos and videos will enhance your brand story and engage your target audience. Be sure to only use high-quality images that connect with the established value and mission of your brand. 


It’s essential that when you have finalized your brand story you grant it a test run with your audience to gain their feedback. Based on the feedback received, refine your brand story over time to reflect accordingly.   

A key tip to keep in mind as you establish your brand story is to remember at all times that your customer is the hero and not your brand. This concept may sound simple but it can easily be pushed aside. 

Throughout every step of your brand story be sure that it challenges your customers to take action. Understanding just how important this step is will become one of your major game changers that is to the benefit of your brand. 

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Final Thoughts

A brand story that ensures it answers internal questions, becomes a trustable guide, and understands exactly how your brand will change their life as a customer is a solid brand story that will make a noticeable difference in the market. If this seems too difficult for you, we can help you. Contact The Kool Source. 

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