Increase Your Instagram Reels Reach With These 4 Tips

In case you haven’t noticed, Instagram is beginning to transition to a heavily video-centric social media platform. With the increasing popularity of TikTok, social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook are wanting to replicate the success of short-form videos on social media. Everyone is beginning to recognize the number of impressions and reach that Reels can bring when you hit the algorithm just right. In this blog, we are going to give you 4 simple tricks you can use to trick the algorithm into giving your Reels the most reach possible. 

1. Follow The Trends

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Social Media algorithms love to push content that is quickly blowing up on their platforms. Whether that be a silly dance challenge or a popular meme format, making Reels using trendy ideas is a great way to increase your reach. The key here is to be creative and tie in trending content to your brand. For example, you find a trend where friends are going around rating each other’s outfits. Take that idea and use it in the office to show off your work culture. This will not only help your Reel increase its reach, but it will also give your audience insight into your business’s culture. You can also replicate other small businesses’ content ideas and remix them to fit within your brand. Have fun creating trending content and watch your reach take off!

2. Use Trending Audio

Trending Audio

One of the key components tied into Instagram Reels is the audio you choose. Trending audios are essentially different audios that are being widely used in Reels. By using trending audios you are showing the Instagram algorithm the content you are creating is in line with what users are enjoying. This is why you will see a significant increase in reach with Reels created using trending audio. In order to spot audio that is trending, look for the diagonal up arrow next to the audio. An easy trick we like to use is anytime you see trending audio, click the audio and save it for use later. That way when you are creating content you have a nice library of trending audio to choose from. 

One thing to be mindful of when choosing your audio is to make sure it fits the theme of your video. Don’t just choose audio because it’s trending, find trending audio that works well with your content. If the content you are producing does not really require audio, then choose trending audio that is subtle and lower the volume on the audio to almost mute. That way you still get the algorithm kick without affecting the content overall. 

3. Edit Your Content Inside The Instagram App

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The algorithm seems to favor content when a majority of the editing is done within the app. By using Instagram’s closed captioning, stickers, and other editing tools you are showing the app that the content is organic and spontaneous. Not saying you can’t do any editing outside the app and import it, but if you are able to do it in the app then that is best. Whenever a new feature is added to Instagram Reels, try to utilize it in any way possible. Instagram will always try to feature their new additions as much as possible resulting in a boost in reach for your content. 

4. Repurpose Old Content Into Reels

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If you are struggling to think of new content ideas for Reels, take a look back at high-performing content from the past. Oftentimes static posts, blogs, or long-form video can be repurposed into a short-form video that is perfect for Reels. This will save you time and brain power but still allow you to take advantage of the frenzy around Reels. Bonus points if you can incorporate old content into trending formats in Reels. 

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