Self Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

Taking time for self care can be difficult for entrepreneurs. When it seems like everything revolves around work it can be hard to slow down and focus on yourself. In turn, it can be hard to feel like you’re operating at 100% because your health and home life cannot be ignored. 

There is a popular saying: If you don’t pick a day to relax, your body will pick it for you. This means that if you are constantly operating to your full capacity your body will eventually reach a limit where you are no longer able to do it all and force you to take an unplanned rest day that can entirely derail your busy schedule.

In an effort to prevent this kind of burnout, we’ve put together a list of tips to help busy entrepreneurs take time for self care.

– Develop a Routine
An effective routine can help you reduce stress. Healthy routines have been proven to increase both mood and productivity. It can also help to keep you organized.

– Take Time for Yourself
It can be difficult to focus on your personal needs when it feels like your business constantly needs your attention. However, it is important to make sure your personal needs are met in order to be fully present in your work.

– Learn to Say No
It is usually thought that saying “no” is negative or taboo. But realistically, you are only human. When you feel like your plate is getting too full or you are spreading yourself too thin, it is okay to say no. Saying no to projects that do not feel right or that you do not have the bandwidth for can help you fully dedicate yourself to the things that really matter.

– Celebrate Your Wins
When you are bogged down with work it is easy to feel like nothing is going well and that things are working against you. In tough times it is important to be proud of everything you have accomplished so far. When you focus on what is going right, it can shift your entire mood and perspective.

These simple things can help reward your body and mind and allow you to bring your best self into every situation, whether it be business or personal.

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