The #1 Key To Success On Social Media: ENGAGEMENT

Failing to engage with your social media audience is one of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make on a regular basis. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard a business owner say, “Social media does nothing for my business.” I would be driving a Ferrari. If I had another dollar for those same businesses not engaging at all with their audience, I would be driving a Ferrari in Dubai. If my point was not clear, engaging with your audience on social media is essential to seeing results in your digital marketing campaigns. Let’s get into the best ways to stay engaged with your audience and begin to see results from your social media marketing.


I think oftentimes we all forget the main purpose of social media, to engage with each other! This means when people comment, tag, or message businesses they are looking for some kind of interaction. They want to get insight into your business, whether that be learning about your products or getting a feel for your businesses’ sense of humor. Now, what message does it send to your audience when they see that you never respond or interact with anyone on your social media? Well, it can be interpreted in a variety of ways. It can say that your business is inactive, that you do not care bout your customers, or that your business is incapable of answering questions. The benefits of engaging with your audience much outweigh the negatives. Your audience can begin to form a connection or loyalty to your business. They can get questions answered straight from the source, which can be much more comforting than reading random reviews. To put it simply, if you want your social media efforts to bring results, you have to engage with your audience.


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Something that is growing in the current times is smaller, niche online communities. Online communities such as Facebook Groups, Twitter Spaces, Discord Servers, and LinkedIn Groups are some of the most popular, but almost every social platform has some form of a community group option. This is a place where people feel they are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are informed and invested in their niche topic. Entering these spaces allows your brand to build trust around people who are highly invested in whatever your business has to offer. Additionally, these are great places to

learn from other businesses and see new ways to improve your business.


Each social media platform has its own purpose, its own algorithm, and its own audience. This is key to keep in mind when connecting with your audiences. For example, you would not want to post a large paragraph highlighting a company event on Twitter. Instead, maybe post the longer caption on LinkedIn where you spotlight employees in your company and post short live updates on Twitter. Understanding the purpose of each social media platform can make a big difference in how well each of your platforms performs.  

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