The Dichotomy of the Creative Mind

Everyone’s brain is as unique as their fingerprints. Sure there are grooves and ridges in the gray matter, but when you look closely you see something more. You have analytical, deep-thinkers who see results as binary answers and rarely think outside of a linear path. Then there are those whose minds seem to ebb and flow with the rising and setting of the sun and who think in ways that seem impossible to imagine. No two minds are alike, but there are certain characteristics of creative minds that appear to be almost standard. For starters being a nimble thinker may not feel spot on when referring to a person who likes to think and color outside the lines. But when you really examine what it is that creatives do – then it makes complete sense for them to be not only nimble thinkers but also quite focused. Painters are quickly thinking up the shades necessary to achieve their visual goal all the while remaining steadfast and dedicated to the task at hand. Many times buried in their work for hours at a time oftentimes happy with their work but not quite satisfied leading them down a rabbit hole of ideations and executions to a singular piece of art. Nimble and focused are truly perfect adjectives to pin on the visually creative mind.

Let’s dissect the personality fingerprint of the creative mind a little further with 4 seemingly opposite character traits.

1. Clever and Sincere

Creative people don’t think in terms of boundaries, boxes, or stairs – creative people think they can fly. They are clever, innovative, and rule-breakers. Oftentimes thoughtful in execution means that your creative friend is by nature genuinely sincere on thoughts expressed and shared with others. This is a great character trait to possess in anyone but especially nice to see within the creative mind as they can sometimes appear as aloof or distant. 

2. Playful and Disciplined

Having a creative mind does not mean repeatedly engaging in mundane artistic tasks. Creatives are imaginative, curious, and spend quite a bit of time reflecting on their craft or allowing their minds to wander. This type of play isn’t without subconscious intent. Play is how children learn and it’s something adults tend to leave behind for structure in their new more responsibility-filled lives. Creatives who can harness their play bring forth new ideas that when executed in their chosen mediums can mean exciting displays of innovation. Creative minds can help transform our world for the better if we could harness their skills.Creative design

3. Realistic and Imaginative

Being a realist isn’t new to most creative people. Some may relish in the idea that their work on canvas or print appears as realistic as the real world. They are great at finding the answer that no one else has considered before them because their dedication to imaginative play leads them to explore new ideas or to see things in different ways compared to the analytical brain. For the creative mind, nothing is binary. There is room for ideology and experimentation often thought to be reserved for the scientific mind. 

4. Passionate and Objective 

Creative people carry an entrepreneurial spirit and are quite passionate about what they do. Their work usually carries a deeper, well-thought-out meaning that others may only be able to observe from a service level. Creative people are willing to take critiques from others, which allows them to separate themselves from their work and find areas that need improvement. This level of objective thinking only helps to expand their creative reach and in turn, captivate a larger audience. 

Arnitra Jackson


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