Tips to Achieving Your Best Camera Ready Looks for Your Headshot

What do I wear?” For many business owners and even executives, this can be one of the most stress-bearing questions. By the time you book your professional headshot, it’s probably the last thing on your list and for some, one of the most stressful but we can help you! Below are some tips to help you get ready for your professional headshot.

Everyone has days where getting ready means that half of their closet ends up strewn across their bed – each a failed attempt at achieving the look. You may find that adopting hard and fast rules or a capsule wardrobe may help ease the tension. A common one includes a creative curation of your closet (not quite a capsule, but a style defined by color and shape). It may take a visit to the mall (I know, I know), your favorite boutique, or some closet shopping – regardless of where the clothes come from achieving a masterful look that compliments and helps define you is the goal. When you are in front of the camera emotions are running all over the place. One tip that I don’t include below is to be friends with your photographer or videographer!! It breaks down barriers and may even calm you down to the point where you are actually enjoying your experience.


Every business owner knows the importance of their image. It may or may not be online, in print, or even on a larger-than-life billboard. Whatever the case may be, your image may be the first representation of your business and definitely the first impression. You want to make sure it’s a good one. 

If ever in doubt – remember to stay true to yourself. Pick clothing that “sparks joy” and has you excited to play dress up. Putting a toe out of your comfort zone won’t hurt too much and will still bring a spark to your session. Remember clothing helps set the mood – it changes how we react to things and it changes how people approach you!

“Your look should be a reflection of your personal style.” 

  1. For a slimmer look, form-fitting is definitely best! Look for figure-hugging clothes. Blousy or boxy tops will make you look bigger on camera.
  2. Think of textures. Textures like lace, ruffles, and ruching add visual interest without overwhelming. Look for textured tops in solid colors. Avoid patterns as they may detract from your face.
  3. Bring a variety of colors — something light (ivory, white, pastel), something dark (black, charcoal grey, navy), something with a pop of color (something that brings out your eyes is best.)
  4. Look for layers. Add a form-fitting jacket or a slim-fit knit sweater to cover and slim arms.
  5. Consider longer sleeves. 3/4 length and long sleeves are universally flattering and slimming. Sleeveless is great on toned arms or paired with layers (see above) to slim arms. Avoid cap sleeves.
  6. Bring coordinating bottoms. Many shots are 3/4 length. Bring pants or skirts that match your favorite tops; that way if your knee or hips are in the frame, you’ll be stylishly covered. NOTE: No need to bring shoes as we won’t be photographing full length.
  7. Look for flattering necklines. Scoop, cowl neck, or v-neck are great options. Avoid high neck tops as they may make your neck look cut off in pictures.
  8. Select jewelry that speaks to your style. Subtle? Or bold? You choose!
  9. Come with clean, manicured nails. Hands come into the frame a lot with headshots. Neutral colors, simple buff, or French manicures are recommended.
  10. Bring appropriate undergarments. For example, strapless bras so your straps don’t show, seamless panties, and shapewear in appropriate colors.

With these tips, you are getting started on the right track to achieving your best video/photo experience. As a professional, your image online is very important and it’s the first impression of yourself and your business. Here at The Kool Source, we provide all digital services to help you establish an online presence.

Arnitra Jackson


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