What Are The Most Important Things to Include in My Business’s Website?

Strong, cohesive, professional branding

Branding is important because it is the first impression you make on visitors and potential clients and customers. Branding sets you apart from your competitors. Your customers and clientele recognize your branding and associate your brand voice and elements with your products and/or services. It is important to carry your branding throughout your website in order to provide the customer with a browsing experience that matches your brand’s voice offline.

A clear goal or objective

What goal is your website working to accomplish? It is important to establish these goals before creating the site. You want to build the site in a way that leads the user to accomplish your pre-determined goals. For example, if your goal is for users to watch your brand story video, you would want to prioritize its location on the website and make sure it is quick loading and easy to play. If your goal is to drive purchases, it would be important to focus on the e-commerce section of your site. This would include excellent product photography in a clear list of services. The add-to-cart and checkout process should be optimized to make sure the user experience is as smooth and convenient as possible. If your goal is to direct users to your brick-and-mortar location, you should prioritize address and map information as well as open hours and a “book appointment” link if that is something that makes sense for your business.

Call to action

You want to make sure your website has a clear call to action that is easy for the user to find and understand. Some examples of a call to action that would be found on a business’s website could be a button for sign up now, call us today, book an appointment, order now, etc. You want these calls to action to be clear and user-friendly. You also want to make sure the call to action is in line to help the site achieve your pre-determined goals. Without a clear and goal-oriented call to action, users are less likely to navigate to the other sections of the website which would lead to goal completions. Website

Clearly define services or products offered

You want your users to know what you’re offering when they are on your website. In addition to recognizable branding on the website, it is important for users to know what your business is offering. Even if you have the most beautiful website in the entire world, users will be likely to bounce from your page if they can’t tell what products or services your business offers. For example, imagine you own a salon. If a potential client is looking for waxing and a manicure, but cannot tell by your site if you offer these services, the user is likely to bounce from the page and look for another salon. The user is less likely to risk it and schedule an appointment if they cannot tell for sure what is being offered before committing to an in-person visit.

Contact information

Potential customers and clients must be able to easily access your contact information from your business website. If there is a problem with a user’s experience either with a product or service or the site itself, it is important for the user to be able to communicate these issues to the business. It is also a great way to make sure users can communicate their positive experiences with your business. It is usually best to include a phone number, an email for support, and a physical address if applicable.

Mobile responsive

It is important to meet your audience where they are, for many people that place is on a mobile browser. Having a poorly designed mobile website can take away from the user experience and lead to a higher bounce rate for users accessing your business’s site via their mobile device. Having a poorly performing mobile website can also impact your brand’s credibility as users will associate the quality of your products or services on the quality of your website. Websites that perform well on mobile browsers are also more likely to rank higher on search engine results pages like Google.

Google Analytics installed

While it is not necessary to have Google Analytics installed in order to have a website, it is an important free tool that allows businesses to collect and organize website performance data. These insights can help businesses determine which pages are the most popular among users, how long users stay on site, how long it takes the site to load and so much more. Google Analytics also allows you to set up goals for your website, and keep track of whether or not your site is achieving these goals.

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