What is a Brand Story and Why is it Important

A brand story is considered a narrative used to communicate the purpose, mission, value, and history pertaining to the formulation of a brand. Addidas is a great example of brand storytelling and brand evolution. 

In essence, one’s brand story seeks to unravel your company‘s personality, its identity, pertaining to its products and services in an effort to connect with consumers (target audience) and possibly stakeholders.  

When establishing your brand it’s critical that trust is prioritized in order to build loyal clients. Creating a level of trust with your clients also better separates the brand from the competitors. Over several decades, Adidas has had one of the most loyal athletic fans in the world. It’s branded into their casual wear, sportswear, and loungewear. 

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The Importance of a Brand Story

Developing a brand story sets you a cut above the other brands. Here are some other vital reasons to ponder as it relates to the importance surrounded when creating a brand story:

The Ability to Stand Out: in a rather saturated business environment a brand story can set you a cut above the rest, competitors don’t stand a chance. 

Lasting Connection: building a brand story for your company is wisdom as it gives clients a chance to bond with your purpose. 

Originality: building a brand that displays authenticity encourages customers to consider your company trustworthy and credible.   

Consistency: A brand story ensures that there is true consistent branding represented for your entire brand. 

Understanding the Components of the Brand Story

A brand story is more than putting your tagline and logo on display for the world to see, it’s coining your personal story that speaks to the core of who you are and what you aspire to accomplish. 

Your brand story encapsulates your reason for starting and why your customers can trust you. 

In essence, it typically highlights details such as the motivation, background, and technicalities the brand has faced. 

Another component of the brand story that is also included is the name and logo. Milestones are also key. 

Within the mission and value of the brand, here the purpose of the brand is communicated. Common areas connected speak to responsibility, sustenance, and innovativeness. 

The vision of the brand puts on display what is expected for the future. Therefore, the vision will speak to new products and services to come, possibly planning as it relates to the growth of the brand and overall long-term goals.  

The objectives of your brand story seek to raise awareness, set the perceptions of customers right, and improve revenue. 

Final Thoughts

A brand story proves to be an essential building block for the development of a brand that separates you from the surrounding competition while building an environment of trust for stakeholders and customers. 

It is vital that it is known that a brand story should emotionally connect with your customers, this sets you up for unique positioning. Check out some old brands that were around during the 1920s and study their tactics for staying relevant. 

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