Why Are Youtube Ads Important?

As a business or a brand, some of the main goals are to drive traffic to your sites and build brand awareness in order to get more customers, so it would only make sense to make sure you have ads on the second most visited site in the world right? As Youtube has grown over the years, it has now gotten to the point where more content is uploaded to Youtube than any major U.S. television show. Youtube ads allow their users to put ads in front of videos that people are clicking on. The great thing about Youtube Ads is that they will only make you pay for that ad showing when the audience shows interest in the ad. Also, Youtube is considered to be the house for viral videos, meaning having an ad placed on a viral video will increase the potential of earning great action from the ad. 

non-skippable ad

When running youtube ads, the advertiser has six different options of ad formats that they can choose from. Their six different options are skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, overlay ads, bumper ads, sponsored ads, and display ads. Skippable video ads can be played on all devices and can be placed before the video, during the video, and after the video. After five seconds of the ad being played, the user will have the option to skip the ad or continue watching it if they choose to. Non-skippable ads are obligatory and cannot be skipped, otherwise, the main video will not play. These ads are usually between 15-20 seconds long and are available for desktop and mobile devices. Overlay ads are semi-transparent ads that will appear in the lower 20% of the main video while it is playing. These ads are similar to pop-ups and can be dismissed if the user chooses to. Bumper ads are another form of non-skippable ad that will have a runtime of up to six seconds. These ads can appear during the main video playback or may come up more than once depending on how long the main video is. Sponsored ads display content such as different products featured in the video that is relevant to the specific user. The ads will pop up as a small banner icon in the top right corner that will be minimized after a few seconds. Last but not least, Display ads will appear to the right of the main video and above the suggested videos. 

YouTube ads

With this type of variety of potential ad use, Youtube is ultimately one of the best ways to build brand awareness or to drive traffic to your site or business. Along with the variety of ad forms, Youtube has a demographic of users unlike any other platform as the videos that are uploaded can pertain to almost anyone in the world. This is because Youtube is the platform that has the most widespread content. Content types include how-tos, worldwide news, kids, gaming, beauty, etc., allowing it to be the ultimate traffic site for a vast number of businesses in all types of niches. This is how Youtube ads play a key role in the world of digital advertising. See additional facts about Youtube and why you and your business should run ads on the platform below.

Youtube Statistics

  • YouTube currently has 2 billion users. Up from 800 million users in 2012.
  • 42.9% of all global internet users access YouTube monthly.
  • Daily Active Users (DAUs): More than a billion hours of content is consumed on YouTube every single day.
  • YouTube’s user count of 2 billion+ places it second on the list of most-used social media platforms. Only Facebook has more users.


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