3 Marketing Must-Haves to get you Visible, Found, and Paid!

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, then you must ensure that you are not only building your business but effectively marketing it as well. Here are the top three things every entrepreneur and business should know about marketing:

It starts with your Audience

Marketing a product or service to a parent is far different than marketing to an entrepreneur. Their goals and focus are very different. A parent is likely thinking about their child and how their finances are set up to ensure they have the right resources to support the growth and health of their child and themselves. Entrepreneurs are thinking about their business and how their finances are set up to ensure they can continue to grow and scale that business. 

As you build your business and develop a plan for marketing it, be sure to conduct thorough market research to create detailed buyer personas. Understand what makes one buyer profile or persona different than another and communicate according to their needs and preferences. 

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Craft a Compelling Brand Story

As social media becomes increasingly more popular, our stories become more powerful and serve as an excellent way to connect with others and capture their hearts. Your brand story is not just about what you sell but why you exist and why you started. For instance, perhaps you are creating a line of pens that have ink that won’t smear because you are left-handed and that was a constant point of contention growing up. Sharing that story with others will connect you with a community that is left-handed as well as some who simply don’t want their ink to smear and may have known someone who was left-handed growing up. Your story can make people feel like they are a part of your growth and success, which for some is a more powerful connection, one that can result in long-standing brand loyalty.

As you develop your brand story, ask yourself why you started. Why is this important to you or someone you know? What is your mission for improving the world? How does your offer impact that mission? Craft a powerful brand story that creates an emotional connection, fosters brand loyalty, and makes your business more memorable in the minds of consumers.

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Embrace the Power of Digital Marketing

To grow your business, you need attention and exposure. In other words, you need to share your message with a number of people who are likely to find your offer valuable. One of the most efficient ways to do so in the age of the Internet is via digital marketing. Digital Marketing is when you share information on a platform that is digital, such as a website, social media channel, email newsletter, or even an app. This is how you can reach a number of people quickly and at times, inexpensively.

These 3 tips are critical in the success of marketing a business. If you are ready to partner with an agency that can help you with these things and more, be sure to give us a call or complete our contact form. We’re here to help businesses get Visible, Found, and Paid!

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