5 Creative Marketing Ideas That Will Boost Your Business

Are you a small business owner looking for creative marketing ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place; The Kool Source. We’ll share five creative marketing and advertising ideas in this blog post that’ll boost your business! Whether it’s your first start-up or just an idea with no traction yet, these tips will help get things rolling in the right direction. Let’s start.

Start a Referral Program

We all know that the marketing landscape has changed significantly in recent years. It’s not just about TV commercials and newspaper ads anymore – word of mouth is king! 92% of people prefer personal recommendations over any other form. This should be enough to show you how much potential there is for launching an effective referral program into your business model.

If you’re looking for creative marketing ideas, look no further than a referral program. This is an easy way to get new customers without relying on your existing consumers alone. You can even incentivize them with something like this: 

– Offer a discount or dedicated customer rewards for referring someone to your business.

– Give them a free trial of the product and only charge them after they’ve used it for some time. 

– Create an affiliate program that will give people commissions on new subscriptions, not just their purchase referrals.

Sponsor in the Unusual Things

One way to make your ad stand out is to sponsor unusual things. For example, if you’re marketing a flower store, then sponsoring an event where flowers are thrown at people might be interesting and unexpected enough for customers to take notice of it. 

And what about hiring someone to dress up as a giant flower? This creative idea would surely grab the attention of people who pass by.

Participate in the Trade Shows

Not afraid of going public? Trade shows will be gems for you. They are not only fun and entertaining, but they will also allow you to meet new potential customers and build your network all at the same time. 

Just imagine how many people would be interested in what you’re selling if you set up a booth at an event with 1000+ attendees!

Use Chatbots for Customer Service

Chatbots are quickly becoming a popular form of customer service. They’re great because they can help customers when you or other employees aren’t available. Again, it’s much cheaper than hiring more people to take the phone all day long.

Moreover, chatbots can show visitors the latest offers from the business and can increase the conversion rate.

When designing your chatbot, it’s often a good idea to make sure that you don’t require any private information. You can ask for their contact info, so the user has an easy way of requesting more help through email if they need it later on. However, asking for personal details will create barriers between them and their conversational assistant. 

You want your potential customer to feel like somebody is welcoming them rather than making visitors fill out paperwork before letting them inside!

Create Useful Contents for the Readers

Build your blog post around a useful concept or idea. One of the best marketing strategies for e-Commerce sites is strategic product placement, which involves creating valuable content that will help customers find what they need. For example, if you’re an online retailer selling Halloween costumes, create different articles with creative DIY costume ideas and tips on using the costumes for other occasions.

You can use a variety of formats to make your content more interesting and relevant:

  • Create infographics or video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on doing something like tying a tie, applying makeup correctly, etc. 
  • Create blog posts that offer tips and tricks about using the products you sell.

Enriching the knowledge base is a great way to generate loyalty and customer engagement.

You can also use the blog posts as promotional products for your email campaigns, social media feeds, or other marketing channels that you’re already using.

Leave behind some resources in each post: links to informative articles on how-to topics or best practices with which customers might need help; links to interesting new arrivals, etc

Thanks for reading my blog. Now, let’s go make some money.

Arnitra Jackson


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