5 Journaling Prompts to Ignite Your Creativity

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we often have to solve problems creatively. Whether it’s how to gain more followers on social media or how to improve our email open rates, our audience appreciates creative approaches to common or complex things. 

While the art of creativity can be a joy for some, it can be quite tedious and overwhelming for others. One thing that helps me boost my creativity is Creative Writing or Journaling. 

A few months ago, I was asked to host a Creative Writing Workshop. In preparation for the workshop, I shared five Creative Writing prompts on social media. The next time you need to strengthen your creative brain, try your hand at journaling on one or more of the five following prompts. 

Prompt #1: The Perfect Day

Imagine you get to plan the perfect day at any age in your life. What age would you choose? What would you do that day and who would you see? At the end, share how spending the day that way made you feel.

Prompt #2: Dream List

Imagine if we never experienced COVID or Monkeypox and the world was pretty safe. Make a Top 5 or Top 10 Dream List of things you would love to do. Would you travel to a foreign country? Would you do something adventurous like skydiving? Would you step outside of your comfort zone and perform in a Broadway musical? Dream BIG! It may just inspire you to try something new in your waking life. 

Prompt # 3: Luxury Retreat

Imagine you had the time and finances to plan a luxury retreat experience for yourself and your loved ones. What would you plan? Where would it be hosted? What food would you have? How many hours, days, or weeks would it be? Who all would get to experience this? Share this idea with at least one friend and see how they react.

Prompt #4: Free Time

Imagine you had the opportunity to take a year off from paying bills and working a job, how would you spend your time? Would you travel the world or perhaps spend more time with your family? Would you create something new or invest your time into something that already exists? Would you try something different each month? We all deserve free time, and as your business grows, hopefully, this exercise reminds you what you’re working so hard to achieve.

Prompt #5: Netflix, But Where’s the Chill?

If you could turn your life into a Netflix movie or series, what would it be about? What parts of your life would be included? Which friends and family members would show up in the cast? How long would the movie or series be? Finally, here’s the fun question: How much should Netflix pay you for the rights to air your life’s story? Why? Because your story matters. Just imagine who all it would help, inspire, or entertain to see your life’s story.

The benefit of Creative Writing is that it strengthens your ability to think outside the box and imagine without limitations. This type of activity can help you find new, unique solutions for many of your business problems. It also gives your brain a chance to flex its other muscles.

Is this something you would try? If so, leave a comment below and share which one was your favorite prompt!


Kema Hodge


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