Branding Color Guide Will Change the Way You Look at Colors

Branding Color Guide Will Change the Way You Look at Colors 

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘love’? Obviously, it will create more emotional sense than the word ‘table cloth.’ Yes, whether you like it or not, emotion drives most parts of our life, and it influences purchasing decisions significantly. That’s why choosing colors that create emotional bondage between the company and its customers is so important.  Want to learn more about branding color? In this article, I will explain why the right branding color is so essential, how customers respond to colors, along with some tips that can guarantee your success in branding.  So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Why is color so essential in branding? 

According to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, ‘Color is the mother tongue of our subconscious mind.’ For thousands of years, people are studying how colors interact with our thinking process. In the modern era, people are using color theory in business promotion and branding, and this approach has brought many brand huge fortune. Here’s how… 

  • Increase conversion rate 

A study from Hubspot confirmed that color plays a significant role in conversion. Participants were provided with one green bar and one red bar. The red one resulted in 21% more conversion as red tends to attract more attention and have a strong call to action. 

  • Create brand loyalty 

A perfect color also can make your brand stand out of the crowd, and your customers will feel more privileged, which is very important in creating brand loyalty. 

  • Generate more profits 

A perfect combination of color and brand message can define how customers respond to your marketing campaign. A positive response can do a huge favor to the business. 

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How customers’ respond to colors? 

A study titled ‘Impact of color in marketing’ found that 92% of the customers’ buying decision is based solely on color. Another study found that 85% of the customers believe that color is the first thing they notice when they try to purchase something. 

Below are some most commonly used colors and how customers react to them.

 Blue: Blue is a cheerful color that ignites a sense of security and trustworthiness and is used by 33% of the top 100 companies. Mainly used by financial & tech companies like the Bank of America, Citibank, Facebook, and Twitter.

Red: Red provokes excitement, caution, and energetic feelings and is used by 29% of the top 100 companies. It also resembles love and passion. As an alarming color, you won’t find many financial companies using it. Mostly used by food brands like KFC, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds.

Black or Grayscale: A sophisticated color that gives a sense of elegance and luxury and is used by 28% of the top 100 companies. Usually favored by the expensive and classic brands like Nike, Mercedes Benz, and Pol

A 4-step guide to picking the right color for your brand… 

Here is a 4-step guide that we suggest our clients for finding the right color for their brand

Step 1: Study the meaning of the colors. It will help you find the colors that can carry your brand message best. You can choose a range of colors in this step.

Step 2: Define your brand and try to infuse the colors with your brand features like the target audience and industry. This step will automatically eliminate some colors.

Step 3: Study your competitors and make sure the combination of your color, logo, and brand message is unique enough that people recognize it at first glance. Facebook and Twitter are both social media platforms with almost the same color logo. But, everybody recognizes them at first glance because of their uniqueness.

Step 4: After completing the first three steps, you should come up with a color palate. Choose the best one or two colors that represent your brand.

Study shows that 95% of the top 100 companies use only one or two colors. 

Yes, picking up the right color and spreading the brand message to the right prospects is a daunting process, especially if you are a new business owner.

But, doing it right can determine the future of your business. So, why not take the help of the experts who are helping companies to spread their words for years?  We at are doing this with industry-leading expertise and experience. Let’s have a chat.

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