Building Your Brand House. Brick by Brick!

In simple words, branding is a marketing practice that puts the images, symbols, and attributes of an organization in an easily identifiable and unique position. For example, when we think of Facebook, what pictures come first to our minds? With the word ‘f’ written in white, a blue logo and friends and family connected. That’s branding. That’s what makes Facebook easily distinguishable from other major competitors.

So, why is branding so important these days? It’s simple. Because branding makes or breaks your business. People, especially the young generation, nowadays care about brand identity so much that it is almost integral to their identity. So, even if you offer an excellent product/service, a lack of proper branding will lead to failure. Correctly branding the business is vital for gaining brand loyalty. Brand loyalty alone makes up around 1/4th of all online sales these days.

So, how can you make a strong brand that your clients will love and vote with their wallet? Here’s how.

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5 Best Branding Practices Tips from a Pro-Videographer

1. Define your audience & their obsession.

Building a strong brand starts with defining the targeted customer segments. If you look at brands like Nike or Adidas, they are specialized in selling sports equipment. Yes, they might have some other products that are not directly sports-related, but they are not their main products.

Selecting the target audience can be very hard. But, these days, the job has become much easier, thanks to the tools and technologies that have made the job easier. Once you have pinpointed the target audience for your business, it’s time to tell people what you do.

2. Define what makes you stand out of the crowd.

Most probably, are many other businesses in the market with whom you will have to compete. At this stage of branding, you have to think about why you have started the business. Doing business is about creating value and getting paid for it.

So think, what unique value can you offer that none of your competitors can offer? It can be a pleasant & helpful shopping experience, excellent after-sales service, or simply the best product at the best price. Be creative; possibilities are limitless.

3. Develop a message and make a logo that delivers it.

When you define what unique values you offer to your target audience, then you have to develop a message that will deliver the information. Nike did this with their slogan, ‘Just Do It.’ A call for action that ignites motivation to the sportsmen or active persons who are its primary audience.

Your logo should match with your slogan and brand value. The logo is the thing that first comes to mind when people hear about a brand. So, make sure your logo is unique and easily distinguishable.

4. Ensure your presence in the world.

In this digital marketing era, nobody will hear you if you don’t shout it loud, no matter how good and unique your brand is. So, be sure to advertise your brand in the right way so that your target audience gets to know about you in a way they like.

Don’t worry. You are not alone in the ocean. Professional teams, like the Kool Source, are available at your service, who can analyze your brand and advertise it in the best possible ways so that you can get exposure to the right audience without spending tons of money in advertising.

5. Embrace your brand message in every aspect of the business.

Delivering the brand message in every aspect of your business is another critical task that many companies find hard to comply with. Look at the big brands like Nike and Facebook. They convey the same vibe and message through all of their products/services and try to maintain it at any cost.

Your brand is the image of your business. So, delivering the same message over and over will make sure people will remember your brand instantly and can quickly tell what to expect from you. This is incredibly important in building brand loyalty.

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