Content Ideas for Creators – July 2022 Edition

As a Content Creator, you are constantly seeking out ideas and inspiration for your next post. I know how tough that can be, so in this post, I’m going to share a few content ideas for planning out your July content.

When we plan content for our clients, we typically start by looking at the popular dates for upcoming months. As we know, June was pride month and even Beyonce got in on the trend with her new song: Don’t Break My Soul, which is house music that will be perfect in any and every club this summer. Was it intentional? Of course! Beyonce is a content Genius! She dropped one piece of content 2 days ago that has already racked up millions of views!

Getting on Beyonce’s level means knowing what’s coming and planning ahead. Here are some upcoming dates in July that could be fun to take advantage of.

July 1 – National Postal Worker Day

This is great if you’re a postal worker and you have TikTok, but even if you’re not, you can still take advantage of this national date. Consider writing a letter to your postal worker or asking them to take part in a quick video. You can even drop a funny video or skit posing as a postal worker and put your own spin on the craft. 

Independence Day

July 4 – Independence day

Just in case you don’t want to post the almost obligatory plate of food or a fireworks video, consider sharing your favorite 4th of July memory or share a lesser-known Independence Day fact. If you’re a maker or an artist, consider creating something #Kool that’s your take on Independence Day. Years ago, I was into painting and I did a rough sketch of the American flag. Given what was going on in the country at the time and my experience as a Black Woman in America, I decided to embellish the flag. I painted my hand black and stamped it one good time on the flag to represent the fact that this country was made with Black hands that are still fighting for space and equal representation in this country. That’s a bit political AF, so I just posted it to my stories, but at the end of the day, your opinion counts as content, so what will you post?

July 7 – Global Forgiveness Day

We’ve all been hurt by someone in this world. It would seem that July 7th is as good a day as any to practice serving forgiveness. Who do you need to forgive? Your parents, a teacher, an employer… your cat? What about that toxic ex? Are you even ready to forgive them? 👀 Maybe you are a parent who can show what you’ve taught your child about forgiveness? Or perhaps you have tips for others who struggle with forgiveness that you can share on a Twitter or IG thread. Get in on the good and show some love or forgiveness on Global Forgiveness Day.

July 17 – World Emoji Day

I don’t know about you, but I love how quickly our culture changes and adapts to things. Now 8 years old, World Emoji Day lets us celebrate our love of emojis! There are tons of fun things you can do with a post like this. You can use the emoji filter and make the face they recommend. If you like to cook or bake, you can make something that reflects your last 3 emojis. You can share a message mostly using emojis and see who can guess it first. You can even choose an emoji to represent your favorite people and things in this world and then ask others to drop their favorite emoji in the comments. If you ask me, the 💡are endless!

July 19 – National Daiquiri Day

Who doesn’t love a good daiquiri?? I prefer daiquiris over margaritas, but hey, that’s just me! I also think daiquiris are incredibly easy to make, so if you love a good daiquiri, pull out the blender and show us your favorite daiquiri recipe! You can also curate a selection from TikTok or pull recipes from Pinterest. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a good daiquiri – IRL and on social!

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July 30 – International Day of Friendship

If you were my best friend… I’d make a post about ya! I’m just saying, friendship is valuable. These are your people when other people let you down. What better way to celebrate your appreciation for them than to acknowledge how much they mean to you in a post on International Day of Friendship? …Okay, well there are tons of ways to love on your friends, but this could be a fun way, especially if they are not expecting it. July 30th falls on a Thursday this year so you can share a throwback or a photo of you and your bestie drinking for a Thirsty Thursday spin! If nothing else, a reel of all their beautiful faces is always a fun way to show your appreciation for their amazing friendship.

July 31 – National Avocado Day

Do you have a good guac recipe or are you an avocado lover that can teach us a new way to enjoy that amazing veggie (fruit?) Avocados have tons of amazing benefits like possibly preventing cancer and helping ease or reduce depression. Even if you just post a meme, people guac to love it. Get it.. guac to? 


Obviously, July is just one month and as a Content Creator, you need content year-round. Here are some sites you can use to keep up with future month’s national days:

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