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As the overall digital footprint of marketing continues to grow and expand year over year, there are many ways to become knowledgeable and skilled in the realm of digital marketing. Digital marketing evolves at so rapid a pace that it’s nearly impossible to teach it in a formal school course and have the information still be fully relevant and unchanged when students complete the said course. It is for that reason that there are multiple online learning platforms that will allow anyone aspiring to step up their marketing game to maximize their education with easy access, convenience, and real-time relevancy. These platforms offer classes for marketers of all skill levels from the novice, trying to learn completely new skills, to the expert, continually seeking to grow and learn as the digital landscape changes. There are classes available at all price points, but it is very possible to gain the skills you desire at little to no charge at all. Below we’ve shared some of our favorite resources for digital marketing education. Check them out and decide which one best fits your needs.


File:Google "G" Logo.svg - Wikimedia CommonsGoogle Skillshop:

Google is THE platform most used for marketing online. It is for this reason that learning about all of the different options and networks that they offer is essential for marketers of all skill levels. Google Skillshop is a free learning tool that allows users to explore topics relating to Google Ads, Google My Business, Google Analytics, Youtube, and so much more. Take a few classes just to check it out or complete full course programs and gain certifications that’ll elevate your marketing profile even more. All you need is a Gmail account to log in and get started today.

 Google Skillshop Online Learning - Mark Lincoln

Circle, facebook, logo, media, network, social iconFacebook Blueprint:

Facebook and Instagram are responsible for a large portion of the time that people spend online. Users interact with those platforms in such a way that they get to learn so much about users like their shopping habits, interests, occupations, affinities, and more. It is for that reason that the Facebook Audience Network is becoming a great platform to reach potential clients/customers. This is relatively new territory in the digital landscape so Facebook provides a plethora of classes for users to explore and find exactly what will help market for their business’s unique advertising needs. They also offer different certifications to boost your marketing profile and showcase your knowledge. All that’s needed to get started is a Facebook profile and an open mind.

Why You Need to Get A Facebook Blueprint Certification

Udemy Vector Logo - Download Free SVG Icon | WorldvectorlogoUdemy:

Udemy differs from Google Skillshop & Facebook being that, while they do offer free courses, they also have a wide array of paid courses available. It also differs because its courses aren’t confined to the marketing realm. You can learn about everything from marketing and business to design and photography and even personal development. The size of their covered topics leaves a lot of room for cross-platform learning and gives you access to some other skills that can help polish up the other areas of your business. Log on today & explore your options! 

Udemy, Treehouse or – Which is the Best Course Provider?

Between these three platforms alone there are hundreds of hours of free instruction and multiple certifications available. Learning the lay of online marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, all you really need is an open mind, a little discipline, and a spirit of dedication to become the best marketer that you can possibly be. Now that you know what options are out there, what will you do to sharpen your marketing skills?

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