How to Make a Vision Board for your Social Media Goals

As entrepreneurs competing in a digital landscape, we each know how essential content is in helping us generate greater awareness of our brand, products, and/or services.  

As a result, we consistently set goals for social media, and then develop a content strategy to meet those goals.

In this blog post, I offer a novel idea for strengthening the focus of your social media goals by creating a digital vision board.

A vision board is a carefully curated display of goals, inspiration, and positive imagery. It is used as a powerful tool to help people achieve their goals by giving them a way to keep the goal in mind while tapping into the positive feelings of pride and accomplishment the goals inspire. 

You can create a vision board for any goal such as a new home, job, wardrobe, or in this case, even your social media growth.

Here are a few tips for creating a social media vision board.

Select a digital home for your vision board, like Canva or Pinterest. By creating a digital vision board, you will be able to refer to it each time you are working on your content goals. You can also quickly add to it, which will allow it to become a dynamic, evolving reflection of your goals versus a stagnant visual that does not elevate with your experience. 

Next, separate your goals into different pages or boards. These can be ideas for content pillars, marketing campaigns, a monthly or quarterly timeline, or even each social media platform you have a goal for.

Creating separate pages or boards will allow you to focus your intentions and goals for each section you created. You may have one goal for Instagram that requires daily short-form content to create reels and you may have a different goal for YouTube that requires producing 4 long-form videos per month. The metrics and conversion goals may also be different per timeframe or platform.

For each page or board, break down your goals by answering the following questions:

  1. What do I want to achieve?
  2. What will it take for me to achieve these goals? (Tools, daily habits, education, etc.)
  3. How will success look and feel if I achieve this goal?
  4. Why is this goal important / how will this goal benefit myself, my audience, and others?
  5. What important dates do I need to keep in mind to accomplish this goal?

Once you are clear on your goals, you will want to add a visual representation of each of those answers on your board. You can do so with images, affirmations, quotes, drawings, or any other elements that represent the goal to you and reinforce your desire to achieve it. 

Like many others, I enjoy creating a vision board at the start of a New Year because it allows me to reflect on what I’ve attracted in my life over the past few years and to set my sights on what I hope to manifest in the coming year. This year, one of my goals is to create more content and strategically increase my influence in certain conversations. Once I finish up my vision board for the year, I plan to make a digital one on Canva for my social media goals!

What about you? What tools or solutions will you be using to accomplish your goals? Think you’ll try a digital vision board this year?

Share your thoughts with us below or on social media @TheKoolSource.

Kema Hodge


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