How to Spice Dull Content with Video

Did you know an average American spends around 15 hours per week watching videos? These single statistics should be enough for a business expert to understand why video marketing is getting so much popularity these days.

Videography and video marketing has so much power that even a boring industry can present its products and services in pleasant and attractive ways. Yes, I am talking about businesses like medicine packaging or ship propeller production, about which almost no one cares, but everybody knows how important these businesses are.

So, if you think your content is boring and dull, then this article will make you think twice. Implement the following and see the results yourself!!! Let’s start.

Show your expertise, but in a humorous way

Rewind the truth: Everyone claims their products/services are the best, but those sales which can emotionally contact the prospects.

Before making a video, you should decide the content of it and then add some humor to it. Try to answer the following questions to make your video enjoyable while showing your expertise at the same time;

  • Who is your target audience? Try to be as specific as possible.
  • Why do you think your product/service will be useful to them?
  • What makes you excited about your business? (Apart from the potential to earn huge money)
  • What information and stats most of your target audience don’t know about the business?
  • Try to be creative while answering the questions. The next steps will help you to do so.

Add some animation or visual effects

Here is a fact for you from my personal experience. The more boring your industry is the more data, stats, graphs, and charts you can present to your prospects.

Finding data and presenting it in attractive ways has become easier than ever. People also love to see data and graphs, even if they don’t care much about it.

Video is one of the best ways to present data and stats that can prove your expertise in the industry. Animations and visual effects combined can help you to spread your wings of imaginations to grab the prospects’ attention instantly and let them see what you want them to see.

Tell a story

Every business and industry has some stories to tell, and there are infinite ways to tell the same story.

Try to present your product/service in the frame of a story so that prospects can see how it works in real life. Telling real stories, with facts and figures, also gives a sense of human presence that always attracts the attention of the viewers.

You can also use videography to show the prospects what results they can enjoy with your products/services and what they might miss if they ignore it. Another chance to show your expertise. 

An engaging video and countless hours of effort can be doomed to failure if you fail to set a perfect CTA. Only saying ‘Sign-Up Now’ or ‘Order Now’ is no more a strong CTA.

You can add CTA in the beginning and then show your expertise, or show your expertise and then add a CTA. Though most brands prefer to add CTA in the end, statistics show that an average 1- minute video has a bounce rate of 20%. So adding CTA’s, in the beginning, can also be a good idea. Embrace variations and keep CTA’s direct and concise.

Don’t forget to make CTA’s mobile-friendly and easy to click.

If you can follow these 4 proven tips, you can make any content, even the most boring ones, more engaging, informative, and high converting. If you need any help in videography and video marketing, we at have a team of industry-leading experts to help you get the best possible results. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section and leave us a message. Let’s have a chat. 

Arnitra Jackson


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