Princess’ Week In The Life As An Intern At TKS

Hi, my name is Princess Yarbrough. I am 18 years old and I’m going to Georgia State University to major in Criminal Justice Law. What my day consisted of at The Kool Source was walking in, getting my temperature checked every morning, greeting everyone, working on some assignments they gave me, and going to lunch then back to work. 

Things I learned

So far I’ve learned about marketing and the social media part of marketing. Marketing is promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that uses social media apps as a marketing tool. Social media platforms enable brands to connect with their audience to build a brand, increase sales and drive people to their websites. On Monday, I researched some lawyers that are doing similar careers as the one I’m going into and wrote down notes about them that interested me the most. On Tuesday, I was in a meeting talking about the social media part of marketing and getting a better understanding of what it is. On Wednesday, I researched 3 marketing brands and wrote down a summary of what they do, and what they could do better on social media. Then found some competitors to see what they do on social media that the other companies don’t do. After that, I made a cover page on Canva. Thursday consisted of finishing up my projects and practicing what I was going to say for my presentation on Friday. Friday I presented my project.


Something that surprised me

Something that surprised me was when I was in a meeting and we were talking about family law. I never actually took the time to research and look at the other sides of Law but when we were talking about it, it interested me and I went home and watched a series on family law. If I don’t pursue criminal justice law, then family law would definitely be another path I would want to pursue.

How I will implement this new information

I will implement the new information that I received this week by being mindful and keeping an open mind that if Law doesn’t work out, there are other careers that I can go into such as marketing. I feel as though I can work in the social media part of marketing because I like being on social media and I think I can come up with interesting ways to make the social media aspect of the business grow.

Something that interested me the most at The Kool Source

Something that interests me the most here at The Kool Source is I love how there are not a whole lot of people in the office, I love how everyone is in one setting so if anyone needs help they can just go to their neighbor and ask for help. I’ve done two other internships and their offices didn’t look like The Kool Source office so when I got here I was surprised that everyone’s desk was so close. Something else that interested me was learning about marketing. Marketing wasn’t something that interested me at first until they broke it down and explained it more to me. I think marketing would fit me because I can persuade people to buy or invest in my company’s business. 

In conclusion, being at The Kool Source doesn’t feel like you’re at work, it feels like you’re with your best friends every day. I enjoyed my time here and working with all the amazing people here and all the wonderful different personalities.

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