Success: How to Use the Power of Affirmations in Business

The enormous value of affirmations lies in their ultimate outcome. Affirmations join goals and sentiments together to inspire action. When that action is positive and transformative, it seems as though the person completing the action is responsible for completing the action. In truth, it was the seemingly disconnected strings of affirmations and positive reinforcement of those goals and sentiments that drove the doer to completion. 

Do you remember the first time you received a good grade?


Was it a grade that you worked hard for? Do you remember what inspired you to work so hard to achieve success? You may think back to where you consciously made the decision to achieve the goal. You may remind yourself that you had an intention and that you worked hard to bring that intention to life. 

However, you may not remember that there was a time you received a bad grade and that negative feeling reinforced within you that you could do better. You may also not remember the teachers and tutors that helped fill you with encouragement coupled with the knowledge blocks necessary to be successful. And what of your support system? The family and friends that reminded you what you were capable of? The people that encouraged you to get back up and learn from your mistakes?

In the journey to success, we remember the milestones, yet often forget the small steps and revelations we experienced that kept us going. We may not always credit our success to small steps and affirming revelations, but if we look closely enough, we realize that they too were part of the larger bridge that took us from goal to completion. 

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Your words are powerful. How do you speak about your business? How do the people around you speak of it? Affirm your business and set it up for success, or say nothing and position yourself for failure. The choice to live or die in business starts with you and the words you choose to speak. 

Here are a few affirmations I love for business:

  • Success is my birthright and I claim it now.
  • If I believe it, I can achieve it!
  • I love what I do and I love helping people who love or need what I do.
  • My business is flourishing! Revenue grows year over year!
  • More and more customers are finding, supporting, and loving my business!


Kema Hodge


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