The Benefits of Starting A Podcast For Your Business

Before we even jump into the benefits let’s take a look at the statistical trend of podcasting in 2021: 

  • Over 55% of the US population have listened to a podcast
  • In 2020 over 155 million people listen to a podcast every week
  • Around 24% of the US population (68 million) listen to multiple podcasts weekly
  • Podcast listeners consume an average of seven different shows per week
  • There are over 700,000 active podcasts and 29 million podcast episodes available
  • The most popular age group for podcasts listeners is 25-44, which make up 49% of total listeners
  • Spotify is now the world’s most popular podcast app, closely followed  by the Apple podcast app

With all of that being stated, it’s easy to see the potential benefits of creating a podcast for personal reasons but just imagine how much more it could mean for your business. Here 

1. Humanizing Yourself & Your Business

It’s easy for business/business owners to seem somewhat out of touch with the regular world. Let your audience get to know the real you, show them your flaws, and learn from your daily struggles. Every business has seasons of growth and seasons of stagnancy, let them know that you weren’t any different. It’ll endure them to you and stoke their interests. 

2. Sharing “Digestible” Information

We are in the age of information and are constantly being bombarded with information from all sources and mediums, but how much of that is easy to receive and comprehend? People are looking for knowledge and a podcast is a fun and easy way to gain said knowledge, as opposed to a traditional business blog article. 

3. Ease of Creation

Creating a podcast doesn’t have to be a complex process. Sure there are major rigs and equipment that the biggest names use, but that doesn’t mean that you need that to start. You can get started with just a quality microphone and a pair of headphones, and pick up things along the way.

4. Traffic/Lead Generation

If you’re sharing information about your business products/services it’s sure to begin to lead people towards your business whether storefront or website. Another tip is to create links to the things you reference during the show in the show notes postepisode. 

5. Grow The Public Speaking Skills of Your Team

Public speaking is an invaluable skill in today’s world and the more members of your team that are confident when speaking to the public, the better. Whether it’s just you or you have a team, regularly hosting a podcast hel[ps develop strength and comfortability while speaking to an audience. 

6. Build Authority in Your Field

Everyone has something to say, so what makes what you’re saying more important? Consistency and strategy allow you to show the world just how much you know and establish your credibility in your industry.

Get started today and see what a podcast can do for you and your business. If you’d like to learn more about entrepreneurship, business tips, digital marketing, and more, check out our podcast Visible, Found, Paid and let us know what you think. 

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