Threads: A Real Life Review

Are you on Threads?

How many of your early-adopting friends have asked you this question? Or are you that early-adopting friend? 

Well, in my friend group, I am that friend. I joined Threads on day 2, somewhere in the 31M crew. 

It took many of my friends another 3-6 days to wrap their minds around yet “another” social media platform, and on top of that, it is thought to be just like Twitter.

Only, it’s not like Twitter. Not yet at least (and hopefully, not at all). 

Brand Differentiation is #KOOL

Threads is an example of what it looks like to have a similar product with a different brand experience, one driven by the intention of the developers and fueled by the behavior of its primary audience. 

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For some, brand differentiation means everything. It’s why some people will only wear name-brand clothes, shoes, or handbags. In the case of Threads, we saw how a different brand experience could mean the choice between not using the app at all, and joining it in record speed. 

Meta, the parent company to Facebook and Instagram that developed Threads, was already working on a competitor product to Twitter. However, with the various changes Elon Musk had been making to Twitter, most notably the limit of tweets per day, Meta decided to launch Threads early. 

Well, their timing was spot on. Overnight, Threads became the fastest-growing social media platform to date! It amassed more than 1 million followers in a day and over 100 million users in less than a week! Whew! Even I’m impressed… I mean I joined on day 2 and there were already 31,000,000 other people who joined before me! 

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To me, the brand differentiator is the culture. Threads has an unspoken culture thanks to the brand experience created by Instagram. Avid Instagram users utilize Instagram differently than those who spend a lot of time on Twitter. As a result, Threads, which is connected to Instagram, offers users an experience that is an extension of their Instagram brand, and not their Twitter personality.

What makes Instagram valuable is your brand, not as a voice, but as a creator, entrepreneur, or professional. It is about what you do or what you are doing. Instagram is also a great place to find your community, your people, and your crew. As a result, a lot more effort and intentionality goes into showcasing value. Instagram isn’t the place to be reckless, it’s the place to build. Though there are some comment sections that are pretty reckless, but at least they’re hidden beneath a visual that brings value.

In complete contrast is Twitter. The fun of Twitter is the freedom to be really transparent with your thoughts, up to the point of recklessness. The more transparent and the more reckless, the more visibility. Twitter is where we say what people are thinking but don’t want to say, or where we say what no one ever thought, but now we can’t unthink. Twitter is the home of comedy and controversy, an irresistibly messy mix. 

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But Twitter is not Threads. To me, the experience on Threads is like the early, curious, not-so-reckless days of Twitter driven by value-conscious creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals on Instagram. The result is a stream of consciousness brimming with value. Pinky Cole, the owner of Slutty Vegan, often Threads about free business ideas that any smart hustler can jump on to generate wealth. Social Media Expert, Nikky Sanders, offers tips and tricks for growing on social media while keeping us all up to date on what’s changing or working well on Threads. The engagement for many is not as high as on other platforms yet, but for those who formed truly engaged communities, their people are still showing out on Threads. They’re answering questions, reThreading, and offering insight and encouragement.

That’s not to say that people won’t eventually bring their Twitter personality with them to Threads, but the difference here is Instagram. Instagram currently caters to more value-added, professionally intentional content than Twitter, so what happens when you put the two together?

I guess we’ll see. As for me, I will continue to use Threads, because I like sharing my thoughts, but I’ve never liked being reckless. I also plan to continue being that friend that encourages my other friends to at least try it out. I want to know their opinions and what they find valuable or not valuable about it.

So friend, are you on Threads, yet? 

Care to share your thoughts with me?

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Kema Hodge


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