What Do Your Ads Say About You?

A good ad is an essential part of any marketing campaign running in Google/Microsoft Ads. It’s your introduction to a potential customer and thus must make a good first impression. You’ll want to make sure to have three main components in any ad you’re writing.

  1. What pain point is your ad addressing?
  2. What do you want them to know about you?
  3. What do you want them to do upon reaching your site?

It’s safe to say that anyone on a search engine has been driven there for a specific reason. That reason is their “pain point.” Whether they need more organization in managing their business and you offer exactly the SaaS (Software as a service) they need or a vendor has fallen through and a new one must be secured to keep things moving. If you know the “pain point” when you speak to it in your ad it conveys a feeling that you are trustworthy and really understand the needs of the person searching. For example, Streamline Business & Get Relief speaks to the need for Software as a solution and allows them to dream about the relief of no longer having this particular “pain point.”

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Now that you’ve gotten their attention by speaking to what’s most troubling you can conduct an introduction. What you want them to know about you in direct relation to how you can help them with their problem will further solidify you as the best option considering the landscape of the Search Engine Results Page or Serp. For example, 30+ Years Serving The Community speaks to not only the longevity of the business but also to the concept of serving the client from a humble point of view. 

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With introductions out of the way and a clearer view of how the business can help it’s time to extrapolate and ask them to do something for you, i.e. reach out and become the lead you need. For example, Learn Why 2500+ Clients Trust X. Fill Out A Form or Call Today. We’re Here To Help. Now putting it all together the ad reads like so:

Streamline Business & Get Relief

30+ Years Serving The Community

Learn Why 2500+ Clients Trust [business name]. Fill Out A Form or Call Today We’re Here To Help.

Now that Google has moved us away from Expanded Text Ads you’ll want to add in additional headlines and descriptions that further inform your audience who you are, how you are perfectly positioned to help them, and what they can expect to achieve from reaching out to you. 


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