10 Easy TikTok Video Ideas for Your Business

Have you ventured into the world of TikTok but ran out of ideas? Or maybe you decided you want to be on TikTok but don’t know where to start? It can be frustrating when you run out of ideas, especially when you know that to succeed you need to be consistent. Here is a list of 10 video ideas for you.

1. Trending Videos on TikTok

There is nothing wrong with following a trend! You can look at what is trending by looking through the Discover tab. They categorize videos by trending hashtags as well as trending audios. Once you find a trend you like, figure out how you can adapt it to showcase your brand or products.

2. Day in the life of

Day in the life of videos are videos that follow the day of a certain person. These videos are a great way for your viewers to get to know you and your business. They give an insight into what exactly it takes to make your business happen.

3. Tutorial

People love learning how to make something or how to use something, even if they’ll never actually use it. You can make a tutorial of really anything but ideally, you want to showcase your product or service. You can make a tutorial on how to use your products or what to do before/after one of your services. For example, if you are a hairdresser you can make a tutorial about how to style your fresh haircut or what to do between hair appointments.Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency

4. DIY

Everyone DIYs something nowadays so show off your latest project by taking viewers through the whole process or by explaining what you did. You can share tips on how to make this process easier or ask for suggestions from people.

5. Cute Pet Videos!

You can never go wrong with pet videos, everyone loves pets. If you have a pet, try to incorporate them into some of your brand videos, especially if your demographic likes animals. A cute video would be your pet giving an honest “review” of your product or service. When in doubt, animal video.

6. Show Off a Talent

Everyone has a talent, especially if you own a business! Show us the things that seem normal to you but to the rest of the world are amazing talents. Maybe you are really good at cake decorating or blending paints seamlessly, or maybe something completely different.

7. Give Helpful Advice

If you are a business owner you probably have ample knowledge in some areas so give people advice in that area. You can give general advice about a topic or even better, you can give advice surrounding your products or services. For example, if you own a dog treat business, you can give advice surrounding the best type of treats to train your dog. Remember that most people on TikTok are young so the advice is much appreciated.

8. Timelapse

TikTok loves a good time-lapse. You can make a timelapse of a service you provide so we can see the process of what you do. You can make a timelapse of a product being made. You can take your timelapse to the next level by doing a voiceover to go along with it. This way, people have something to look at as well as listen to.

9. Satisfying Videos

Every page can take advantage of a satisfying video. These are videos that might seem like a normal part of your process but are actually very satisfying to watch. They are videos people end up watching over and over, think visual ASMR. Great examples of this are the painting videos where you just see a close-up of the paintbrush painting.

10. Start Your Own Trend

If you are up for it, creating your own trend can be a great way to increase interaction with your page and business. It can be very hard to predict what will become a trend so brainstorm a few ideas and see what performs better. It might also be a good idea to collaborate with a few other people so they can get your trend started. Most importantly, be creative and have fun! Odds are if you make a video you love, someone else might love it too. For example, Sabrina Bahsoon made a video dancing in the Tube in the UK and it went viral. People are now recreating the videos she started.

The best thing to do when you feel stuck is just to choose something and start. My favorite idea from the list above is the cute animal videos so if you still feel stuck just remember, when in doubt, animal video. I hope you are able to implement some of these ideas on your own page, and if you do please let us know in the comment section below!

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