4 Photoshop Fails You Have To See To Believe

We’ve all seen them, those epic and obvious photoshop fails from our favorite celebrities. Photoshop is a fantastic tool, it offers unparalleled editing features that can offer your designs a more polished look. However, when your photoshopping is obvious, it can put your brand and your reputation at stake. Businesses thrive on authenticity and when you’re caught red-handed photoshopping your business garners that bad publicity that we all try to stay away from. 

We’re going to assume the people tasked with editing these images had an off day. From missing legs to enlarged arms, these errors are nothing short of head-scratching. Keep reading to see some of the worst photoshop edits we’ve seen from some of your favorite brands. 

Pretty Little Liars … Literally

Beware, everything is not what it seems – A

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest liar of them all? If I had to guess, I would say it was Freeform for leaving off Sasha Pieterse’s leg from their 2016 Season Premiere poster. Upon first glance, everything appears well put together, but the obvious lack of one of Sasha’s legs has me wondering if Freeform hired an amateur. Fans didn’t waste any time catching this blunder and questioning the missing leg, going as far as to make comments alluding to the missing leg being a part of her role as Alison DiLaurentis, the one we know as ‘A’. Unfortunately, it was not a clue about the upcoming season, just a designer not paying attention, do better Freeform. 

Victoria ‘No’ Secret 

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The photoshop in this image is blatantly obvious. Marisa Miller was the model for The Sexiest Polo (yes, the lingerie brand used to sell polos), however before telling her to strike a pose, they must’ve chopped off her left arm!  

Are you surprised?

Honestly, a photoshop error from Victoria’s Secret is no surprise. Victoria’s Secret has been called out for retouching errors since the early 2000s. From missing limbs to elongated arms, Victoria’s Secret is known to release an image with an obviously added error. 

In 2016, Refinery 29 spoke with an anonymous retoucher at Victoria’s Secret and they let it be known just how much retouching the brand does. The anonymous retoucher said the brand goes as far as switching the model’s arms to make the poses look better. We haven’t seen any recent photoshop errors from this brand, so maybe they got the picture. 

Emma Watson, Burberry and The Case of The Missing Leg

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Emma Watson was left without a leg to stand on in this 2010 Burberry ad. The ad shows The Harry Potter star posing in Burberry’s new clothes with her brother, Alex Watson, but she’s definitely missing something. Her leg curves and then it disappears. 

When the photoshop error is this obvious, the only thing you can assume is that the company wanted to play a joke, but because that’s not Burberry’s brand personality, we know someone on their graphics team made a careless mistake. 

Target Has One Hand Too Many 

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Target, like Victoria’s Secret, is no stranger to being caught with a photoshop fail. While the previous fails have shown missing limbs, Target took a different bath when giving this Dad a third hand. If you look he has one arm around the daughter, one arm at his side, and a third around the mom. 

The company lightened the mood around the error by writing:  ‘We couldn’t help but have a laugh this morning when we discovered something not quite right about the front cover of this week’s catalogue!

‘Let us know if you can spot it. One thing is for sure, an extra helping hand always comes in handy!’

From too much retouching to cropping gone wrong, photoshop fails to happen, just don’t make them as obvious as the ones above.

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