4 Reasons You Should Already be on Clubhouse

Are you sleeping on Clubhouse?

In other words, are you missing out on the golden opportunity that is the new, emerging social media app? I hope not.

In less than a year, Clubhouse – an exclusive invite-only app, has attracted 2 million active users per week. This slow growth is part of the strategy. In fact, the app hasn’t even opened to Android users yet. So why am I bothering to write this article? Because if you have an iPhone and you’re not on Clubhouse, then you’re undoubtedly missing out on virtual Gold.

Don’t Wait to be a Follower

I remember the feeling of waiting for an app to prove itself worth my time. My first experience goes back to Facebook. As a Millennial, my social networking experience started out on MySpace. It was a fully customizable social networking site with plenty of color. It was the place where you could find all the best new music. All of my friends were already on it. Plus, after a couple of years using it, it was a perfectly curated feed. I was comfortable. I was knowledgeable about the platform and I was influential in my own right. Why would I need to seek anything else? As a result, I avoided Facebook like someone coughing without a mask on. It was too simple and new to me. It lacked CSS customization, a top Friends list, and basic color. I mean… an all-white feed you couldn’t change? Yeah, I was all good.

myspace v facebook
Then I graduated high school and my world expanded. I was assigned a roommate and I was eager to see her. She was from Jamaica and all she had was Facebook.

That meant I now needed to get on Facebook, but I was conflicted. What choice did I have? It was the only way to see my soon-to-be roommate before school started. 

So with no better options available, I joined Facebook and I witnessed it as it became a staple in the social media space over the next few years. In other words, I was close to missing out on the action since I was already used to one social media site. 

Well, friends, I’m here to tell you that Clubhouse is the new Facebook, or the new Twitter, or better yet, the new Tik Tok. As you sit wondering what is so good about Clubhouse, you’re missing out on conversations that are priceless and irreplaceable. 

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Here are the Top 4 Reasons you should be on Clubhouse:

Global Connections

Clubhouse is by far the coolest, simplest way to connect with a global engaged audience. When I listen to conversations during the day at work, there are people from Australia and other foreign locations bidding us good night, because it is 3:30 am wherever they are and they’ve been on the app for hours. Why have they been on the app for hours? One, because it’s free, and two, because they are having conversations that they’ve never been able to have with people they’ve never been able to meet. 

In fact, a simple Google search shows that Clubhouse is booming in Japan, blowing up in China, and taking Europe by storm

Avid users love the app so much that early stats report that they spend between 11-22 hours per week on the app. In comparison, Instagram users only spend about 7-10 hours per week on the app. 

On his first weekend using the app, Michael Stelzner, Founder of Social Media Examiner, shared a similar experience. 

“I randomly awoke at 2:30 AM and decided to pull up Clubhouse.

I was surprised to see a room called ‘Personal Branding Masterclass.’ I entered and raised my hand. I was welcomed up on stage.

One hour turned into two. I talked with people from Los Angeles, Boston, and all around the world. They had been in that room for hours. They were exhausted but didn’t want to leave.

After getting a bit of shuteye, I woke to discover the room was still active. I found out that Lewis Howes started it the day before and it was still going strong, 20 hours later!

My experience is not unique.”

Excerpt from Stelzner’s blog post: Why Clubhouse App Might Be the Next Major Social Media Platform. 

This is just a sample of what you’re missing on Clubhouse. You’re also missing out on conversations chock-full of invaluable advice and tips. Where I’m from, we call those gems.

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Free Gems

Clubhouse may be exclusive on the invite list, but it is pretty expansive on the list of topics for conversation. I’ve been in Business rooms with multimillionaires like Dan Lok and real estate giants like Grant Cardone. I’ve also been in late-night radio rooms listening to artists I’ve never heard before. When I wake up in the mornings, I like to sift through daily affirmation rooms to get my mind right as I prepare for work. And when I need extra energy and guidance, my spirit stumbles into the perfect spirituality room discussing the very thing I’m pondering. Even as I finish this article, I’m on Clubhouse asking questions and learning new information – again, all for free (at least for right now).

This brings me to my next point. Asking questions requires your voice. 

Clubhouse is the Perfect App to Strengthen Your Voice and Tell Your Story

With the popularity of Instagram and the rise of Tik Tok and SnapChat, visual content has become King. For many, that meant you had to be “on” to be present. By being “on,” I mean we made sure we looked good whether we were at home, in our car, at work, traveling, or at an event. The requirement of a successful post was deeply rooted in aesthetics – was it eye-catching and engaging? Was it appealing to the target audience? Did it make them stop and watch or read the caption? In short, content that lacked engaging aesthetics or relevant messaging simply fell flat. 

Fast forward to today and you can completely strip that notion away when you’re on Clubhouse. Using only a single profile photo and a bio with links to your other social media accounts, you have the opportunity to interact with people without worrying about how you look at that moment, or even what you’re doing at that time. Without a focus on visuals, Clubhouse brings forth another skill to master – Your Voice. 

If you are not already a speaker and have never had speaking experience, this app helps you hone a skill that you didn’t have. This is a necessary skill that can transform your life. Gaining experience and practice in the art of public speaking, even virtually, is incredibly beneficial to your success in business and in relationships. Public speaking is how scientists get funded to continue their research, how new businesses get investors, and how politicians get elected.

As for those with practice who are bold and authentic, they are shining on Clubhouse with hundreds if not thousands of followers. They have found their tribe and they are inspiring others to step into their power and own their voice.

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Finally, this brings me to my final point. On Clubhouse, you never know who is going to be in the room that you are in. This creates an unprecedented opportunity to network in an unbiased, low barrier way.

Seriously Unprecedented Networking

Who is your favorite blogger? Your favorite music artist? Your favorite business influencer? What if you could be in a virtual room with them and not be judged on your accomplishments or how you look that day? What if you have just as much of an opportunity to make a connection and ask insightful questions as anyone else? What if after making that connection, your favorite artist or influencer actually asks you to follow up with them in their DMs, granting you access to them in a way you never thought possible? How would that feel? How would that impact your career path or your life’s journey?

On Clubhouse, you have the potential to hear from and possibly even talk to celebrities, influencers, and many other people who are talented and knowledgeable in their space, including ones you’ve never heard about. That makes for some pretty interesting connections and experiences. It also allows for a new form of networking that doesn’t predicate itself on who you know or what you do.

It also allows you to start standing out for telling your story, sharing your knowledge, and even for inspiring people to think in a way they never thought of. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, Clubhouse provides opportunities for you to link a product in your bio and generate qualified, interested leads based on the value of your conversation. As a result, not only does your Clubhouse following begin to grow, but so does your following on the social media accounts you link to in your bio along with your website traffic. These leads are pre-qualified and sticky (i.e., less likely to unfollow) because they have already had an opportunity to get to know something about you and they decided they liked what they heard.

So why aren’t you on Clubhouse?

Given the global reach, the free information, the honing of an invaluable skill, authentic networking, and even qualified lead generation, why wouldn’t you join Clubhouse? Even if you have to ask around for an invite, someone you know is bound to have a few or will have a few. There’s even a waiting list if you’d prefer to take matters into your own hands.

After watching Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Tik Tok change the lives of so many people, I know that my advice to you is the same one I’d give myself – don’t sleep on Clubhouse, you might miss something valuable.  

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This is not our first article about Clubhouse. Click here to learn how Clubhouse enhances Creativity and Community.

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