REEL it in!

If you’re a business currently in today’s market, nine times out of ten you have some sort of social media and most likely one of them is Instagram. Over the years Instagram has taken digital marketing to a new level from its algorithm, built in business analytics, sponsored ads and infamous hashtags! As more and more business build their Instagram profiles a lot of them are missing out on one of the biggest game changers that Instagram has just currently released—reels! 

If you take a look at your nearest most updated Instagram profile, located right in the middle of the app is an icon, resembling that of a Hollywood clapperboard, and it has become Instagram’s latest feature to spice up your marketing campaigns. If the reel capabilities seem oddly familiar, that’s because you might have seen similar features in the popular app TikTok.        

Despite TikTok being an app used more for entertainment purposes, Instagram jumped on an additional engagement opportunity to add another vessel for creators and influencers to create content! 

One of the biggest advantages to reels currently is that Instagram uses its own data to suggest content to accounts it feels will most likely engage or identify with the content being shown based on their own interaction data. This presents an even bigger opportunity of being seen and gaining a customer due to them seeing your content based of similar interests. So here’s the best way to further enhance your marketing campaigns by utilize reels for your business. 

 First, make sure that your reels reflect the same message that your brand does (TIP: your aesthetic should be seamless across all social media platforms) and you have a template or some type of brand guide to stick to the same consistency.instagram and reels






Once you’ve identified your ‘reel style’, get fun and creative with your content! Reels allow you an opportunity to give a more in-depth background on your products or services you offer or even a demonstration so your audience can get a visual of what exactly you’re offering. Since reels allow for another level of personal engagement, it is an added opportunity to educate your potential customer on who and what your brand is and or what it represents. Your biggest ally in all of this will be—consistency!

A great method to keep your brand’s social engagement consistent is by building a content calendar. Within your brand’s content calendar you rotate between your regular posts/stories and now your new reels, it gives your audience consistency, but also a variety of content that appeases to your different customers’ engagement taste. As you integrate these new tools in your marketing campaign, pay attention to what type of content resonates more with your particular customer or what content shows the highest engagement. As you analyze which content serves your audience better you can adjust the content you put out and focus more towards what is bringing the brand visibility.  














Adjusting to new digital marketing tools can seem a bit challenging, however, reels are nothing you haven’t seen already, but it can be a vital part of taking your business to the next level and that’s how you can REEL it in! 


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