Three Days of Filming with TKS (+ BTS Photos!)

This week, I had the pleasure of assisting members of my team with a big shoot for a client. 

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We gathered at Studio House Atlanta to capture three days of content, totaling over 30 hours of footage between all of the cameras and various scenes.

Our Creative Director, Arnitra Jackson, coordinated the shoot, staffed the production team, and acquired all of the equipment needed for this project. Our Director of Operations, Melissa D. White, provided project management and scripting which allowed us to film everything requested in a timely manner. Finally, I assisted as the audio engineer helping to mic talent while capturing BTS (behind the scenes) content.

Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency







Overall, the shoot for MyAvana went very well and everyone had a great time. 

We can’t wait to share the final edits with our client, and we’ll be sure to share them on our various social media pages. Make sure you are following @TheKoolSource to see samples of our amazing work.

Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency







This work was truly the intersection of our genius zone. Our team is both strategic and creative, so any time that we get to flex both skills, we really shine!

This is the work that makes me proud to be a part of The Kool Source team.

Let our team help yours next. We specialize in helping businesses and brands get Visible, Found, and Paid. Schedule a free discovery call to see how we can help your business shine.

Kema Hodge


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