Will New Enhancements Drive Deeper Connections on LinkedIn?

After seventeen years in business as the premier social platform for professional networking, LinkedIn has released some of their best updates thus far enhancing the engagement of users while tightening up on its Professional Community Policies. Given that LinkedIn is one of the more senior of social media platforms, it appears to have had a few misfires and issues to the dismay of professional users. Common issues such as InMail spam, inappropriate messaging, and a less appealing timeline in comparison to other platforms have been addressed in the latest new developments. 

The recently released new enhancements, as described on Social Media Today,  gives the new LinkedIn a brighter look with less of the heavier corporate blue and a more appealing thread to read updates from professional connections. LinkedIn has also taken a page from its contemporaries in now offering LinkedIn Stories to give a behind the scenes glance and drive a deeper connection among professionals. 

LinkedIn Search Features

Enhanced search features show more than people and jobs, but courses, groups, and more for better engagement. 
LinkedIn stories

New LinkedIn Stories goes behind the scenes to share moments with our favorite professionals on LinkedIn.

Along with Stories, LinkedIn has broadened the search capabilities beyond primary searches for people and jobs to now a comprehensive search of people, courses, groups, companies, articles, and more. This greatly enhances engagement, as you can now engage in groups of shared interests and easily find courses for your career development. Enhancements in messaging have also helped increase direct engagement and convert to deeper relationships with the new ability to launch a video meeting that integrates with platforms such as Bluejeans, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. The ability to now edit messages is an added bonus for better InMail and direct message connections. LinkedIn has also added quick reactions to messages to make it much easier to respond on the go to new connections. 

top viewed courses

See features such as “Today’s most viewed courses” to aid in increased utilization of the platform

Check out these new enhancements and let us know what you think? Does the new look and feel entice you to spend more time on digital networking and driving deeper connections? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of the new features.



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