5 Advantages Of Video Marketing

Five Advantages of Video Marketing

Video marketing is on the rise for several reasons. To begin with, it’s a very accessible, digestible medium that you can use to quickly and effectively communicate with your audience. The visual element of video marketing allows you to build trust with your viewers and tap into a market that continues to grow each year.

Recent statistics show that almost 1.9 billion people use YouTube every month. All told, that just-shy-of-two million YouTube viewers consume nearly one billion hours of video content every day.

Although 18-34-year-olds watch the most video content, older demographics also respond well to video.  A recent Forbes survey found that 90% of people who watch a video about a product or service say that it helps to influence their purchase. Many marketers see significantly higher web traffic, conversion rates, and sales because of this.

So why is it so essential to do video marketing? There are plenty of reasons to invest in Atlanta video marketing, but here are five of the most convincing ones:

#1 People love videos

Yes, people worldwide consume about a billion hours of video content on YouTube every day. But more than that, they’re incredibly influenced by the visual content. Why read an article when you can watch a two-minute video that conveys the same meaning? The answer is that many people don’t.

Video content is easy to digest, and it’s preferable to traditional marketing elements like emails, newsletters, or blog posts. In fact, digital marketers claim that video content is so compelling that almost 75% of people who see a product in action on an explainer video will buy it. Even better, adding video to these existing marketing tools will boost their reception. Users are 19% more likely to click through an email with a video noted in the subject line.

You can bet that your competition has these same facts, so local video marketing content isn’t optional for most companies anymore. It’s necessary to provide video to stay relevant and competitive in your field. These days, 81% of businesses use video as part of their active marketing campaigns. It’s the best way to tell your story in a way that will resonate with your viewers.

#2 Videos help to build trust and credibility 

Live videos, in particular, already account for a significant amount of internet traffic on popular social media platforms, and that figure is expected to continue to grow. Much like static videos hosted on YouTube, live videos can promote a personal connection that feels like more of a face-to-face interaction than words on a blog can offer. In today’s fast-paced, impersonal, digital world, that translates into building brand trust and establishing the brand image as credible—both of which are vital in today’s competitive environment.

Video is a chance to showcase your brand’s personality and your company while offering a connection to your audience. It can be one of the best ways to show your audience what you, your business, or your clients are doing. The more videos you post to engage with your viewer, the more you’ll come across as approachable and in touch. Your trustworthiness will ultimately translate into sales.

#3 Search engines love videos

If you optimize your videos for search engines, they’ll improve your website’s ranking on results pages. Video is an engaging medium, and visitors to your site are more likely to spend more time on your website if you have video content for them to view. Increasing the time spent on your site, also called dwell time, is an important Google ranking factor. Four out of five digital marketers confirm that video has increased dwell time on their websites, often by at least two minutes compared to pages without video.

If that isn’t enough, consider that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. (And Google owns YouTube, so they have a synergistic relationship.) If you post your video content on your website and YouTube, you have a much higher chance of showing up in search results. Coordinating and optimizing your video content will provide you with more exposure on any platform than any other media type.

#4 Videos are versatile

Yes, video is an investment, but it’s not just a one-shot deal. If you are intentional in the way that you use it, you can repurpose footage in a variety of ways to make sure that you reach your prospects wherever they’re at. For instance, snippets from a live question and answer session make great Instagram posts that encourage viewers to check out your website. Meanwhile, a cohesive video marketing approach reaffirms the credibility of the organization.

#5 People love to share videos on social media

Videos go viral all of the time. Eighty-three percent of consumers who access videos on a mobile device say they’d consider sharing a video they encounter with their friends or family members. Since video is so easy to digest, and video custom-crafted for social media is even more bite-sized, it’s no surprise that videos on social media are shared 1,200% more frequently than text or images combined.


Video marketing statistics are impressive, and ignoring this powerful medium of communication as you craft your digital marketing strategy would be a mistake. The trends show that because video marketing is so effective, it is on track to become even more common in the future.

Video marketing offers a connection to your audience, allowing you to clearly convey messages that are easy to digest while you showcase your brand and build credibility. People looking to buy your products or services use video to inform their decisions and are likely to pass along meaningful content, effectively extending the reach of what you create.

The future of video is bright, and we can help you stay on the cutting edge of this versatile tool to grow your business and reach your target audience.

Across the country, as well as in Atlanta, video marketing is here to stay. Contract with an Atlanta digital marketing agency if you need to beef up your video presence.

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